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Friday, August 6, 2010

Guest Post :: Visual Arts: 15 of the most spectacular contemporary artists

Visual Arts: 15 of the most spectacular contemporary artists

This guest post was contributed by contemporary art supplier You Are Art

Anish Kapoor is an exceedingly esteemed contemporary sculptor. His is most renowned for Cloud Gate, a steel, elliptical sculpture located in Millennium Park, Chicago, Ill. He is currently working on a public sculpture Temenos with Cecil Balmond which is expected to be completed by 2011.

(Image Credit: Jeremy)

Performance Art
Cai Guo-Qiang is known for his “artistically choreographed shows incorporating fireworks and other pyrotechnics.” He represented China in the 1999 Venice biennial and is one of his homeland’s most respected artists. Until January 2011, his work ‘Cai Guo-Qiang: Travels in the Mediterranean’ will be showcased in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, France.

(Image Credit: Bernard)

Many of the world’s top graffiti artists prefer anonymity, and so “Banksy” is the pseudonym given to a famous British graffiti artist known for satirical and anti-war pieces. Despite his anonymity, Exit through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film was showcased in the 2010 Sundance film festival and praised by critics as a success.

(Image Credit: Tim)

Conceptual Art
Martin Creed was born in Wakefield and attended the University of London. Work No. 200, half the air in a given space (1998), his most famous piece, is composed of air-filled balloons which take up exactly half of the space of the room they’re contained in. His works are direct, literal and simplistic, yet thought-provoking.

(Image Credit: Chris)

Damien Hirst is an instantly recognizable name. The main theme in his work is death, and formaldehyde, a piece in which deceased animals are preserved, put him on the map. In 2008, he broke the record for income generated by a single artist through auction, receiving $198 million dollars for his work ‘Beautiful inside My Head Forever’.

(Image Credit: L. Ruano)

Transgenic Art
In 1997 Eduardo Kac was the first person ever to have a microchip implanted in his body, symbolizing humanity’s dependence on technology. ‘Teleporting an Unknown State’ is one of my personal favourites of Kac’s. Teleporting an Unknown State was in interactive piece in which a plant was enabled to grow in a darkroom through the light casted off of webcam shots from internet users around the world. Cypher is his most recent work. “The kit contains Petri dishes, agar, nutrients, streaking loops, pipettes, test tubes, synthetic DNA (encoding in its genetic sequence a poem Kac wrote specifically for this artwork), and a booklet containing the transformation protocol...”

(Image Credit: Eduardo Kac)

Fibre Art
Johnny Lee Coffelt was originally a clothing designer with famous clientele including Will Smith, but gained attention as an artist when he painted over 100 pieces for the department store chain Parisian, commissioned by Jim Mitchell. Although Coffelt works in various mediums, he was most recently featured in Fibrearts Magazine for his innovative Miniature Clothing Project.

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Digital Painting
Joseph Nechvatal is the creator of the art theory viractualism. “Nechvatal thinks that in every era the attempt must be made anew to wrest the art practice away from conformisms that are about to overcome.” Cybism is a sub-division of viractualism developed by Nechvatal, who is known for using custom-made computer viruses to create art.

(Image Credit: artnet)

Yan Pei Ming is known for his sensual and emotive oil paintings, rich in texture and detail. He has painted large-scale pieces of Mao Zedong and Bruce Lee among others. Ming’s piece The Funeral of Mona Lisa was displayed next to the original Mona Lisa in the Louvre from January 12 to May 18, 2009.

(Image Credit: David)

The top selling artists of 2009 were primarily of Chinese descent. Liu Ye’s post-modern pop-art paintings infused with a bit of kiche are no exception.

(Image Credit: Mahjong)

Rudolf Stingel is a German born artist now based in New York. He is known for his mixed-media installations and is currently exhibiting ‘Neue Nationalgalerie’ in Berlin, Germany.

(Image Credit: Elad)

If you’ve visited the popular art website Saatchi, then Zhang Xiaogang’s paintings should be instantly recognizable to you. Also considered a surrealist, Zhang’s subjects are stiff and bleary-eyed. Zhang uses superficial formalism to mask the social unrest that dominates their lives, as he considers the Cultural revolution to be “...a psychological state, not a historical fact.”

(Image Credit: Luxuo)

Richard Dean Tuttle is an American painter, specializing in small, abstract post minimalistic pieces. A series of his coloured aquatints were displayed at the Dubner Moderne gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland from February 11 through March 15, 2010.

(Image Credit: Radaris)

Shaun Wilson is an Australian-born video artist who was awarded the prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award in 2006. You can see stills from his videos at

(Image Credit: Shaun Wilson)

Interdisciplinary Art
In 2007, a 20 year retrospective of Lorna Simpson’s work was displayed at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She is currently represented by Salon 94 and you can see her work at

(Image Credit: Salon 94)

Fine Art Photography
Edward Harlovic is a young, contemporary fine art photographer who is mostly known for his photo series ‘Folded’. Describing Folded, Harlovic states “The key here is that the emotions are folded because the person depicted in each photograph is morphed from a flawless, emotionless facade into a pained and confused yet exonerated being.” Harlovic is currently in the semi-finals of Yobi TV’s third annual international photo competition. You can see his work at

(Image Credit: Edward Harlovic)

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