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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guest Post :: The 12 Most Beautiful Pieces Medieval Art

The 12 Most Beautiful Pieces Medieval Art

This guest post was contributed by contemporary art supplier You Are Art

Bayeux Tapestry
A colourful and vivid telling of the Norman conquest of England on a 230 foot long embroidered cloth. There are many unique figures and Latin phrases that adorn it. The most vivid scene depicts the Battle of Hastings.

Rucellai Madonna by Duccio
An excellent example of chiaroscuro, this piece is three-dimensional, making the throne upon which Mary sits with infant Jesus seem solid. Jesus appears to have some weight. Mary appears to be a full bodied figure, and not flat like other period works depict the human form.

(Image Source)

The Illuminations of Hildegard
These are peppered throughout her writings. Each portrays a sense of awe with the human condition and the belief that we are masters of the universe created for us by God.

Last Judgment by Gislebertus
Christ is the focus of this provocative sculptured piece. He is dealing out punishment and reward. The good are beside him and supporting his throne while the wicked are cowering beneath them.

(Image Source)

Notre Dame Cathedral
The towering front of the cathedral commands one to enter. Its stained glass windows can make a person stare in awe, especially as they glitter in the sun. As one enters, the sheer number of statues is overwhelming.

The Last Supper by Giotto di Bondone
This painting is three dimensional and naturalistic. The human emotion of the scene can be felt by the viewer. Christ is not the centre focus of this work; instead there is a left focus, particularly on the black garnet that drapes him, telling the sadness of this meal.

(Image Source)

The Fresco of Guidoriccio da Fogliano by Simone Martini
This piece gives the viewer the sense of the greatness of one man, depicted on horseback. It is almost as if he alone conquered the lands depicted through the piece.

The Nativity by Neri di Bicci
A delightful three-dimensional piece where the viewer gets a close look inside the stable where Jesus was born. The manger scene is first and foremost, while the animals are seen towards the back, pointing out that Christ is above his humble birth.

(Image Source)

Tapestry of Creation
Fishes of the sea, birds of the air, animals, and the creation of man are all depicted. The circling out pattern depicts the further string of creation events in an appealing manner.

The Adoration of the Magi by Bartolo
The background of the piece is used to tell the story of the wise men's travels to baby Jesus. The star is directly above the Christ child's location, which is the main focus. The colour red is used prominently to move the eye along the different scenes which all flow together.

(Image Source)

Altar of Saint Ambrose by Wolvinus
This is a beautiful display of metalwork, gilded with silver and gold and encrusted with jewels. The engravings tell the story of the Saint and how the altar was commissioned.

Great Mosque of Córdoba
A beautiful building using numerous striped columns, marble arches, and pillars. It is also a curiosity because a Renaissance Christian chapel was later built inside.

(Image Source)

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