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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Made the Grade: Chasing the Dream Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats: Kindle Edition | ISBN: 9780991569601 | Expected Release Date: June 17, 2014 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: NetGalley

"More Than Music" [Chasing the Dream Series, Book 1] by Elizabeth Briggs

Author's Book Description : Music major Maddie Taylor seems to have her life all figured out. She’s just finished her junior year of college, has a summer internship lined up with the LA Philharmonic, and plans to go to grad school to write movie scores. Only her roommates know she practices guitar every night and secretly dreams of a louder life. But geeky girls like her don't get to be rock stars.

Tattooed singer Jared Cross has a new girl every week, but when he catches Maddie playing one of his songs, she attracts his attention in an unexpected way. His band needs a fourth member for The Sound, a reality TV show competition—and he wants her. Though Maddie refuses to be another notch on Jared’s bedpost, she agrees to risk everything for the chance to be a rock star.

Once on the show, Maddie discovers there’s more to Jared behind his flirty smile, and with each performance their attraction becomes impossible to ignore. When the show pressures Jared to flaunt his player image, they’re forced to keep their relationship secret, but Maddie can’t help but want something real.

As the competition heats up, Jared will do whatever it takes for his band to win, and Maddie must decide if following her dream is worth losing her heart.

*** New Adult romance suitable for 17+ due to mature content. ***

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Jared's band means everything to him. His younger brother, his best friend, and him have been building their band's following up from nothing for years, only within the past few have they had a decent amount of fans to show for it. Yet the one thing they've found hard to keep in their band is a bassist player. Therefore, two days before they plan to audition for The Sound (a competition show like The Voice only just for bands) they enlist Maddie (a close friend of Kyle's and a musical prodigy) to join their group. After they audition and land on a mentor's team their lives get turned upside down, tensions fly high, and they'll have to see what fame and winning the show is worth to them in the long run...

I LOVED all the characters in their band (Villain Complex), Maddie's best friends, and Jared's shirts! *hehee* They were all so fun and I liked how the novel built the storylines around them. In addition, Jared and Maddie are like a kindred musical couple that acted like they knew what each other was thinking (music that was playing in their heads) just by their moods. Yet even though I liked them and I enjoyed how the novel all wrapped up in the end, the big blow out between everyone in the band (but especially between Jared & Maddie) and how Maddie handles herself the few days afterwards made me not really respect her or Jared as much as I did throughout the rest of the novel.

I cannot wait to see where this series will take us next and find out who the main characters will be. Yet no matter who stars in the next novel are I really hope it starts out with the band and Maddie’s friends at Comic Con since they talked about attending it so much!

Nevertheless, I DO recommend this novel and series to anyone who likes rocker contemporary romances!

- On a side note -
I'm a huge fan of The Voice and compared to all of the other music contestant novels I've read recently I found this one's setup to be the most like that show. I just hope the mentors, producers, and contestants on The Voice are NOTHING like The Sound within this novel! =0)

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Pinterest: More Than Music (NA) | Announcing my book: MORE THAN MUSIC! | MORE THAN MUSIC Cover Reveal & Giveaway! | More Than Music Songs #1

Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: More Than Exes (NA)

Book Teaser(s) :
The Static Klingons sat two rows in front of us, and Sean turned around and grinned at me before saying something to his band.
Jared leaned closer to me. "He likes you."
"What?" I said it a little too loud, then blushed and lowered my voice. "Why do you say that?"
"I saw the way he looked at you."
"This is the real reason why having Maddie in the band is a bad idea," Hector said, smirking. "Now we're going to have to fight off hordes of horny guys after her."
"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be okay," I said, but I was secretly pleased Hector thought I would attract so much attention. Or that he would actually fight them off for me. Not that he'd need to because one boy smiling at me one time did not equal "hordes of horny guys." Nor did it mean that this one guy was interested in me that way. Sean just seemed friendly.
Jared didn't seem to think Hector's comment was amusing at all. "You said it was a bad idea to let Maddie join because I'd---how'd you put it?---'bone her and then break her heart?'"
"Oh, god, you said that?" I asked Hector.
His face turned almost purple. ~ within Chapter 7
"Nice finds," Hector said. "But I'll see your dick gummies and raise you my Crunchy Nude Balls." He held up a box of Korean rice candy with that name.
"Hector, there are ladies present," Kyle said, in an overly shocked way.
I held my hand over my heart. "It's true. I'm a delicate flower who is easily offended."
Hector snorted. ~ within Chapter 15
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Elizabeth, then please check out her website.

Feasted On: Oklahoma Nights Series, Book 3

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 305; Kindle Edition - File Size: 930 KB | Expected Release Date: March 25, 2014 | Publisher: Kensington Books : Brava | Obtained: NetGalley

"Three Weeks With A Bull Rider" [Oklahoma Nights Series, Book 3] by Cat Johnson

Author's Book Description : One Broken Man...

Cowboy Jace Mills has suffered fewer injuries from bucking bulls than he has from his ex-girlfriend. Following his best friend Tucker’s advice, Jace is convinced it’s time to move on. But with his ex’s tight rein on him, easier said than done.

One Broken Heart...

Tara Jenkins learned a lot in her sports medicine courses, but not how to fix her broken heart. So when her brother Tucker suggests using her skills on the rodeo, it gives her the perfect opportunity to ride off into the sunset—or at least run away.

Three Weeks Together...

Only problem is, Jace and Tara have had a hate-hate relationship for over a decade, putting up with each other for Tucker’s sake. With their long history as frenemies, they know sparks will fly, they just never expect them to flare into scorching passion...

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Steamy, light-hearted, and sweet this novel has everything you could ask for, if only it didn't have to end! While trying to finally break things off with his slightly abusive ex-girlfriend and move on with his life, Jace helps out his best friend's little sister (Tara) by becoming her traveling partner during her internship with the bull rider association's sports medicine team. Usually they have a hate-hate relationship but as the days go by they find they have more in common then they ever expected leaving them unsure if they should turn their relationship into something a whole lot more or not...

I really enjoyed this novel!! From the main characters to Dillon & his wife to Tara's sexual adventures, I didn't want to put this novel down! I am actually happy I hadn't read any other novel in this series so I couldn't be prejudice to any of the secondary characters, therefore I could side with Tara and Jace with their thoughts on curtain characters. I loved Tara's snarky attitude and Jace's older "wisdom." They are a great match-up!

My only wish was that this novel was longer and/or that it had more of how their relationship is going after where the book ends, like in the form of an epilogue.

Overall, though, I HIGHLY recommend this novel to anyone who loves cowboys and/or contemporary slightly erotic romances!!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Three Weeks with a Bull Rider - Overview | Three Weeks with a Bull Rider - Excerpts | April 2013 Cowboy Calendar Wallpaper & Three Weeks with a Bull Rider Excerpt! | Excerpt #1 Three Weeks with a Bull Rider (Oklahoma Nights, Book 3) | In defense of Jace EXCERPT #2 Three Weeks with a Bull Rider... | Excerpt from THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER “The Kiss” | THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER Release Day & Review Giveaway | DOWNLOAD April 2014 Hot Cowboy Quote Desktop Wallpaper

Author's Series Extras : One Night with a Cowboy - Overview & Recipe | “Fish Out of Water” in the He’s the One Anthology - Overview | Two Times as Hot - Overview | “Two for the Road” in the In A Cowboy's Bed Anthology - Overview | One Night with a Cowboy - Excerpts | “Fish Out of Water” in the He’s the One Anthology - Excerpts | Two Times as Hot - Excerpts | What’s Next? | Classic Romance Tropes: the older brother’s best friend | Behind the Book – One Night with a Cowboy | Cover Reveal: TWO TIMES AS HOT (Oklahoma Nights, Book 2)

Book Teaser(s) :
"So I have this theory..." she began.
"That worries the shit out of me."
"Shut up." Tara smacked his chest. "Just listen. I think that every time you come with another woman, you move farther along in your recovery."
Tara had taken one too many psych classes at school. She fancied herself a freaking therapist. Jace laughed. "My recovery."
"Yeah, in getting over this physical addiction you have to Jacqueline."
"That's you plan, huh? Cure by orgasm. Sometimes the way your mind works is frightening."
"Good. I like keeping you a little afraid of me. It gives me the upper hand." ~ within Chapter 17
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cat, then please check out her website.

Feasted On: HotFlush/Starstruck Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 909 KB | Expected Release Date: May 29, 2014 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: NetGalley

"Before He Was Famous" [HotFlush/Starstruck Series, Book 1] by Becky Wicks

Author's Book Description : ***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and mature situations. Not intended for young adult readers.***

One guy, one girl. One in the spotlight. One in the shadows.

Falling in love with your best friend isn’t always a great idea, especially when he’s Noah Lockton – the sexiest, most famous new talent on the planet. When 21-year-old small-town photographer Chloe Campbell is offered the chance of a lifetime – to join her celebrity childhood friend Noah on tour as an exclusive blogger for a New York magazine – she’s certain both have put what happened four years ago behind them.

But his eyes still burn; his voice is still a jackhammer to her heartstrings; all his songs are about her. Is it possible that that night still haunts them both?

The music industry is a machine, spinning hype and rumors as much as his records. It’s not just Noah’s girlfriends who’ve got it in for Chloe (there’s no stopping the Twitter-obsessed, cat-loving pop-star Courtney Lentini for starters). Pretty soon, the jealousy and media frenzy surrounding these so-called-friends takes a life-changing turn and it seems making love means making enemies at every turn. When tragedy threatens to pull the final curtain on their relationship, both Chloe and Noah must make a choice. As much as this world leaves them starstruck, is living their dream really worth living without each other?

A story of lifelong friendships, love and hope, set in a world of celebrity, fame and social media gone very, very wrong.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Not what I suspected, as it was so much more! I found it to be a fun mixture of Ms. Haddow's "Tweethearts" and Ms. Ahern's "Love, Rosie" (which happens to be one of my all time faves). This is one highly intense and entertaining novel about best friends trying to keep their friendship exactly the same during their fast changing lives. Sweet, electrifying, and very dynamic Noah and Chloe's relationship is one I loved reading about even as I was never quite sure what would pull them apart next!

I recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the above novels and/or to those who love fast paced contemporary romances!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Before He Was Famous - Overview & Bonus Chapter Sign Up | Before He Was Famous Playlist | Wassup readers and romance novel fans! Before He Was Famous is now up on NetGalley... | It’s my book birthday! Before He Was Famous is out now EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon (and I’m eating pizza)

Author's Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
'Ryder Telling?' I say, willing my mind and tingling body to calm the hell down.
He grins and his eyes light up and I can feel them lighting me up, too. 'Can you believe it? We're doing Boston, Washington, Chicago, Florida, Denver, Texas, New Orleans, Vegas...'
'Yeah, and more. Denzel says if it goes well and I get the right publicity and following, I'll get to go solo, maybe even onto Europe!'
I feel my eyes bulge. His happiness is infectious -- he's a kid again, telling me he learnt A Whole New World on the guitar so I could sing Princess Jasmine's part with him as Aladdin. He was so proud. I was so impressed.
'You know what that sounds like, don't you?' I'm smiling now.
'It sounds like an awfully big adventure,' we say at the same time. ~ within Chapter 22 - titled 'Chloe'
'How about we don't even look at our phones? How about we pretend we're just...'
'Peter and Pan,' she finishes.
I pull her jacket hood up over her head and do the same with my sweater before leading us out the door. We climb into the back of the waiting car. 'Second star to the right and straight on till morning,' I quote at the driver and Chloe laughs.
'What a funny address, Peter' she replies, switching off her cell. ~ within Chapter 30 - titled 'Noah'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Becky, then please check out her website.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cover Reveal: Facing the Music by Andrea Laurence

"Facing the Music" by Andrea Laurence

Publisher : Pocket Star
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Novel length : 250 pages
Format : Kindle Edition
Publication Released Date : September 15, 2014

Author's Book Cover :

Author's Book Description :
    In this sizzling and hilarious contemporary e-book romance, pop sensation Ivy Hudson returns to her small town to face her ex. Only trouble is, she made her Taylor-Swift-like career with the hit song “Size Matters”—and the football hero has had to live it down ever since.

    Six years ago, high school sweethearts Ivy and Blake’s relationship imploded and both their lives were changed forever. Ivy became a rock star and Blake lost not only his dreams of a successful NFL career, but his reputation. Ivy’s angry song about their breakup, called “Size Matters,” hit the top of the charts and Blake became a national laughingstock. He’s salvaged his career and returned to Rosewood to be the high school football coach, regaining his status as town hero and leading the boys to the state championships.

    When a tornado whips through town and destroys the high school gymnasium and stadium, a committee is formed to help rebuild and plan some charity fundraisers. Blake’s grandmother requests that Ivy return to Rosewood for the events. Forced back together for the good of their hometown and their careers, Ivy and Blake have no choice but to put aside their differences, stop running from their pasts, and finally face the music.

    For fans of Kristen Proby and Colette Auclair, "Facing the Music" hits a perfect balance between small-town romance and big-time success. Follow Ivy and Blake as they fall back in love and figure out what does matter in the end...

This book is available to order on :

Amazon.com | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Books-A-Million

** Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! **

Book Excerpt :

God must be rewarding him for his patience. That had to be the answer. There was no other reason why he would trip over a scenario this sweet. Ivy was outside wearing nothing but a pair of bikini bottoms and a frown.

Blake killed the engine and slowly pulled his boat up to the dock. He tied it up, taking careful steps to secure his baby and make Ivy wait as long as humanly possible. From what he could see, she wasn’t going anywhere, even if she wanted to.

He climbed onto the dock and strolled causally over to the Hudson cabin with his hands thrust into his pockets. Taking his time, Blake soaked in every delicious detail, from Ivy’s irritated scowl to the full globes of her breasts pressed beneath her inadequate hands. He’d never been so jealous of a pair of hands in his life.

His jeans tightened uncomfortably as his inspection ran over her mostly bare body. He was frankly surprised by the reaction. Not because she wasn’t a beautiful and sexy woman—she was; that was a given—but because his dick had a deep, abiding hatred of Ivy. So did the rest of him, but it was his penis that had become the center of national attention for being woefully inadequate. At the moment, however, he had ample evidence to the contrary.

About the Author :
    Andrea Laurence has been a lover of reading and writing stories since she learned to read at a young age. She always dreamed of seeing her work in print and is thrilled to finally be able to share her special blend of sensuality and dry, sarcastic humor with the world. A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, she's working on her own "happily ever after" with her boyfriend and their collection of animals including a Siberian Husky that sheds like nobody's business.

Giveaways!! :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find Andrea Laurence :

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What was I thinking?: Night Games by Collette West

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 252; Kindle Edition - File Size: 1577 KB | Release Date: February 25, 2014 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: IMR Promotions

"Night Games" by Collette West

What was I thinking? : As soon as I read the Author's Book Description I thought this is exactly something I'd like to read about, I just wish it was as good as I had hoped.

Author's Book Description : The moment Grey Kelleher locks eyes with All-Star shortstop Chase Whitfield, she's a goner. For years, she's watched him play on TV, and now she's gazing at his hard, lean body across a bar in her hometown.

Grey's crush on Chase goes all the way back to his rookie season. So when she approaches him for an autograph, she's startled by what a jerk he can be.

Chase is no mood to humor his fans, even one as alluring as Grey. He's in the last year of his contract and stuck having to prove himself on a minor league team. He's only there to rehab an injury, nothing more.

But when Grey tells him off, Chase realizes her fiery spirit may be just the distraction he needs to take his mind off not being in the majors. His heart is safe. No one's going to break his streak as baseball's most eligible bachelor. Not even someone as irresistible as Grey.

My Book Review : 1.5 out of 5 stars. I tried so hard to like this novel, yet even though I forced my way through it, I was only able to thoroughly enjoy the last four chapters (chapter 28 - the epilogue). The main reason was the characters! First off Grey's sister Erin acted way to crazy for the first eight chapters for me to even like her that much (even though I will admit she had good reasons for acting that way). Then there's Grey & Chase. I liked them when they were hitting things off together, but that was about only 50% of the time during the first twenty or so chapters. So, just trying to deal with all of the stubborn attitudes made this novel a major struggle for me to like let alone to finish reading.

The twists were completely unexpected. Some twists were enjoyable, some made me mad enough that I almost stopped reading a few different times. As it is, the plot definitely keeps you on your toes.

I don't recommend this novel, as I was not a fan, yet if you're wanting to give it a try it is for those who like sports theme contemporary romances.

Purchase This Book Here :

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Book Teaser(s) :
I’ve freakin’ kidnapped Chase Whitfield.
I glance over at him. He’s biting his thumbnail, his arm propped up against the partially rolled-down window. The humidity is still high even though it’s the middle of the night, but so far he hasn’t complained about my truck’s lack of air conditioning. In fact, he hasn’t said much at all since I laid down the law.
But I couldn’t resist. I mean, he was acting like a dick. ~ within Chapter 11
“Yeah, he spooked you, didn’t he? Damn it, Richie. I apologize for my husband, Chase. He gets a little high-handed when I’m not there to keep him in check.”
Grey looks away at her mom’s words, no doubt thinking of the day when her mom really won’t be there to scold her father.
“No, it’s fine, Mrs. Kelleher, really.”
“My goodness, you’re even better looking in person.”
“What? Can’t I admire a handsome man when I see one?”
“Not out loud.”
“I still think you should have been named Sexiest Man Alive instead of the scrawny judge on that singing competition. A man who weighs less than most women? What’s sexy about that?”
“Oh God, Mom.”
“Chase, look at you, all nice and developed. Now that’s what I call a bicep. Come over here. Let me see for myself just how strong you are.”
Grey’s face is beet red, but I’m getting a kick out of her mother. Now I can see where Grey gets her feistiness from.
“Go ahead, Mrs. Kelleher. Be my guest.”
I move up to the side of the bed on my crutches and she reaches up to give my arm a good squeeze.
“Solid as a rock.”
“Too bad I can’t say the same for my knee.”
“Too bad I can’t say the same for my whole body.”
I immediately feel like I just stuck my foot in my mouth, comparing my trivial health problem to hers.
“I didn’t mean—”
“Of course not. Don’t even pay attention to me. But did you ever have one of those days when you’d do anything to feel normal again? Even just for a day?”
“Lately, I’m afraid I have, ma’am.” ~ within Chapter 28
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Collette, then please check her out on the Goodreads' website.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Blog Tour - Made the Grade: Last Second Chance by Caisey Quinn | Character Interview, Review, & Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Caisey Quinn, with a character interview and review of her novel "Last Second Chance," which is the 1st book in her Second Chance Series!!

ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY(s)!! [Blog Tour will run from May 13 - 30, 2014]

VAN RANSOM: Mad Man or Just Misunderstood?

RS: Hello, Mr. Ransom. It’s nice to meet you.

Van: Is it? *leans back in chair and folds heavily inked arms* What would you say is particularly nice about it?

RS: Um, well...your band, Hostage for Ransom, has had an amazing year. That must be pretty exciting to be a part of. How has the past year been for you?

Van: *snorts* Honestly I can’t remember most of it.

RS: *checks notecards* When you say you can’t remember, you mean…

Van: I mean I was dropped on my head a lot as a kid and I have short-term memory deficit.

RS: Okay. Perhaps you should see a doctor.

Van: Perhaps I should. I’ll look right into that.

RS: Mr. Ransom, surely your aware of the rumors circulating.

Van: Can’t say I am. Don’t have a habit of paying attention to rumors.

RS: Ah well, of course not. I just meant that, with all the media speculation, surely you’re aware that there have been mumblings about the possibility of your label, Red Devil Records, dropping you due to the incident last year in Vegas.

Van: I was in Vegas last year? Well, damn. Kind of wish I did remember that.

RS: Let’s take this opportunity to lay the rumors to rest then. Did you or did you not wreck a ten thousand dollar a night hotel room?

Van: *raises and eyebrow* That’s what they tell me.

RS: Any idea why you might’ve done something like that? Did you have a fight with someone? Another member of your band perhaps?

Van: *huffs out a harsh laugh* The only person I fight with is the voice in my head. So yeah, maybe he pissed me off.

RS: And the bus?

Van: *narrows eyes* What about it?

RS: Want to tell your fans why you trashed your tour bus last week and canceled two shows in New York?

Van: There was...New York is... You know what? On top of all the shit I can’t remember, I have no recollection of agreeing to this interview. I think we’re done here.
*stands abruptly, knocking over chair and is followed out by his manager and a publicist*

Van Ransom, ladies and gentlemen. Mad man or just misunderstood? We can’t be sure. Guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

About the Author :

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. You can find her online at www.caiseyquinnwrites.com.

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 3361 KB | Release Date: May 6, 2014 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: InkSlinger PR

"Last Second Chance" [Second Chance Series, Book 1] by Caisey Quinn

Author's Book Description : When Stella Jo Chandler gets an offer to work at the Second Chance Ranch celebrity rehab facility right after graduating from Texas A&M, she’s tempted to turn it down. She wants to help real people with real problems, not spoiled celebrities going on vacation for publicity. But growing up on her family’s ranch left her with a love of horses that draws her to the opportunity. How bad can babysitting a bunch of strung out celebrities be?

What she didn’t count on was being roped into a tangled mess with infamous rocker and three-time rehab drop out Van Ransom on her first day. And she sure didn’t expect to feel the overwhelming attraction that pulls her to the man who has more issues than she can count on both hands. Like the hotel rooms and tour buses he’s famous for trashing, the havoc he could wreak on Stella’s heart would be irreparable.

Van isn’t at Second Chance for publicity or because he’s suffering from “exhaustion”. He’s on the brink of destruction, and he needs the kind of help Stella isn’t sure she can give. But without her, he'll lose everything. Because he’s on his last second chance.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. Profound, thought provoking, extremely intense, and one whorl wind romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. Stella Jo and Van are opposites in more ways then one, yet they are able to fight each others demons and open up to each other in ways they've never been able to before. Their romance might have started out as very reckless but as their time together increases emotions get involved and it's not a chance of if they'll be caught but when. As well as, seeing if they'll be able to handle everything that will be thrown their way once their relationship is revealed.

I liked this novel, no denying that. Yet, it was set at a slower pace then I'd have liked and, at times, the scenes went darker than I expected to read.

Overall, I recommend this novel to those who like redeeming, slightly dark, contemporary erotic romances.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Pinterest: LAST SECOND CHANCE | Last Second Chance Teaser | TEASER #1: Last Second Chance | Extended Last Second Chance Teaser Excerpt! | Meet Van Ransom | LAST SECOND CHANCE IS LIVE!

Author's Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
She laughed, a light, sweet sound that warmed him in a way he’d never experienced before. “Yeah, good point. Stupid question I guess.”
“You don’t strike me as a woman who asks stupid questions.”
She met his gaze and shrugged, drawing his attention to her smooth shoulder. He clamped his mouth shut so he didn’t add that she struck him as the type of woman who kept everything under control in her day-to-day life and pretended she liked to be on top when in reality she wanted to be broken and made to beg. He had to take a deep breath in an attempt to clear the images from his mind.
“Speaking of questions, any chance you wanna tell me your name? Or I can just call you Beautiful. Either way.” He almost groaned out loud. But she rolled her eyes and smiled. She’d been crying when he found her, and he’d made her laugh and smile. Twice. Not that he was keeping track. Oh, who the fuck was he kidding? Hell yeah he was keeping track.
“It’s Stella. Stella Chandler. My family calls me Stella Jo but, um, I haven’t been home in a while.”
Even her damn name was beautiful. And good God, that sexy Southern drawl was more addicting than any drug had ever been. He could listen to her talk forever. Maybe Hell wouldn’t be so bad after all. ~ within Chapter 4
“Not a chance in hell I’m letting you go when you show up on my doorstep looking like that.”
She glanced down at the plain white dress and back at him.
“You look like a virgin being offered up for sacrifice.”
“I can assure you I’m not.” She focused on her breathing as she stepped inside. She hadn’t exactly been completely sober last time she was here. Nor had she paid much attention to the décor.
It wasn’t quite as cozy as her bungalow. She passed through a small kitchenette and spotted a black leather couch across from a fireplace. Her eyes landed on a giant buffalo head above the fireplace.
“That’s Dave,” Van informed her.
“You named him?” She couldn’t help but grin.
“He’s an excellent roommate. Never complains about noise and cleans up after himself.”
“I see.” She bit her lip to keep from giggling. ~ within Chapter 23
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Caisey, then please check out her website.

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Made the Grade: Runaway Train Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 535 KB | Release Date: March 24, 2013 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Music of the Heart" [Runaway Train Series, Book 1] by Katie Ashley

Author's Book Description : For Abby Renard, the plan was supposed to be simple—join her brothers’ band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she’s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member. Of course, she never imagined stumbling onto the wrong tour bus at Rock Nation would accidentally land her in the bed of Jake Slater, the notorious womanizing lead singer of Runaway Train. When he mistakes her for one of his groupie’s, Abby quickly lets him know she sure as hell isn't in his bed on purpose.

Jake Slater never imagined the angel who fell into his bed would resist his charms by promptly kneeing him in the balls. Of course, the fact she seems like a prissy choir girl makes her anything but his type. So he is more than surprised when after betting Abby she wouldn't last a week on their tour bus, she is more than willing to prove him wrong. But as Jake’s personal life begins to implode around him, he finds an unlikely ally in Abby. He’s never met a woman he can talk to, joke with, or most importantly make music with.

As the week starts comes to a close, neither Abby nor Jake is ready to let go. Can a sweetheart Country songstress and a bad boy of Rock N Roll actually have a future together?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! It's a cute novel about a very good girl meeting a bad boy rocker in unusual circumstances and their lives intertwining. It has a great beginning that leads up to some entertaining and harsh events that set an intriguing tone for this novel.

However, not long after Jake bails on Abby, in the hotel while babysitting, my respect for him plummeted and coincidentally I found that from then on the plot/story line didn't get much better. Especially since Jake seems to be the one step forward and two steps back kind of guy. He also had a knack that if bad things weren't happening to him already then he would make trouble for himself and after a while I couldn't put up with it.

Yet, with all my complaining about Jake I still read the whole novel. I finished it mostly to see what would happen next and because, even though I might have not completely liked Jake, I did like how he and Abby were together when things were good between them. In addition, it helped that the other guys in Jake's band were a riot. =0)

Overall, I think it was an interesting beginning to this series. So, I do recommend it to those who like rock star romances, especially if you don't mind reading about the hero being a big jerk sometimes.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Music of the Heart - Overview & Trailers | Pinterest: Music of the Heart | A Compilation of all things Music of the Heart | The Essential Music of the Heart Playlist Part #1 | The Essential Music of the Heart Playlist #2 | Happy One Year Anniversary of Music of the Heart & Giveaway

Author's Series Extras : Beat of the Heart - Overview | Pinterest: Beat of the Heart | Pinterest: Music of the Soul | Pinterest: Strings of the Heart | Smexy Saturday Post and AJ's Muse | Teaser Tuesday: AJ and Mia do the Rumba | Valentine's with Jake and Abby from Music of the Heart and Soul

Author's Book Trailer :

Author's Teaser Video(s) :

Book Teaser(s) :
“Did I say something embarrassing to you before I puked and passed out?”
His blue eyes blazed with emotion when he finally met my gaze. “I remember some of it. I know I said I wanted to fuck you, but didn’t I say something else? Something more...heartfelt, I hope?”
“Yes,” I whispered.
“What was it?” he prompted.
Somehow I remembered everything he had told me verbatim, so I repeated it. Jake’s eyes widened, and he sucked in a sharp breath. “But don’t worry about the wanting someone-like-me-to-love-you part. I mean, I know you were drunk,” I quickly added. I popped out of my seat like a Jack-In-The-Box and grabbed his bowl. After hustling over to the kitchen, I put it in the sink and turned on the water.
I gasped when Jake’s body pressed into my back. “Angel,” he murmured, his breath hot against my neck. I shivered in spite of the heat. “I meant every word of what I said—the good and the bad.”
Spinning around, I stared into his eyes. When I saw the sincerity in them, my heartbeat accelerated. “You did?”
“Yes, I really want to have sex while you’re wearing cowboy boots,” he deadpanned.
I laughed in spite of myself. I knew for someone like Jake, all the feelings stuff was getting too intense for him, and he needed to lighten it. “That’s good to know, but sadly, I don’t see it happening any time soon.”
“Bummer,” he replied. He reached over to sweep a lock of hair out of my face. Once he pinned it behind my ear, he smiled. ~ within Chapter 9 - titled 'Abby'
“I look like a real gentleman, don’t I?”
She grinned. “I think even my dad would approve of you tonight.”
Part of her comment stung, but I covered up my feelings by giving her a cocky smirk. “Yeah, well, what would he have to say about his daughter’s attire tonight?”
She glanced down at her dress. “You like it?”
Considering it had flimsy little straps, showed off her fabulous rack and was almost backless, hell yes, I liked it. “I love it. You look absolutely breathtaking tonight.”
Abby’s cheeks warmed with my compliments. She leaned up to kiss my lips. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
AJ strolled up to us. At Abby’s attire, his eyes widened. “Oh my God, Angel! That is just like the dress Sookie wore in the Season Two finale of True Blood!”
Abby rolled her eyes. “AJ, you’ve got a True Blood fetish.”
He grinned. “Dude, it’s basically vamp porn!”
She laughed. “You’re impossible.” ~ within Chapter 13 - titled 'JAKE'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Katie, then please check out her website.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disappointmentville: Happily Ever After, Inc. Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 192; Kindle Edition - File Size: 365 KB | Expected Release Date: April 29, 2014 | Publisher: Harlequin Desire | Obtained: NetGalley

"Matched to a Billionaire" [Happily Ever After, Inc. Series, Book 1] by Kat Cantrell

Author's Book Description : Wanted: one convenient wife

Venture capitalist Leo Reynolds is married to his work, but now he needs a wife. Someone to run his home, host his parties—and accept a marriage that’s strictly business. His one rule: love will play no part in their union. At least that’s the lie he tells himself, until he meets his match....

Enter Daniella White—handpicked by the matchmaker as the perfect wife. Marriage to Leo means security, and she’s willing to give up passion for friendship. But the moment they meet, sparks fly. And now temptation—and Leo’s own heart—have the billionaire ready to change all the rules.

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. A Cinderella-esque type of romance novel where a match making service sets up the hero and heroine and they have strong feelings when it comes to staying married no matter what. Together Leo & Dannie match up perfectly; it just takes a while for them both to believe it.

Overall, I feel this novel was a great beginning for this series. As I can't wait to see, where it'll go next!

My only wish, however, was that I liked Leo as a character more and the novel wasn't so slow that, at times, I didn't have to force myself to keep reading.

Nevertheless, I do recommend this novel and series to those who love fairy tale style romances!

- On a side note -
Tommy was my favorite character in this novel!! So I hope he'll be in this series more and/or have a novel of his own at some point.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

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Author's Novel Extras : Matched To A Billionaire - Overview

Author's Series Extras : Happily Ever After, Inc. Series - Overview | Matched To A Prince - Overview | Matched To Her Rival - Overview | Matched to a Billionaire is up on Netgalley

Book Teaser(s) :
Leo Reynolds wished he could marry his admin. It would make life so much simpler.
Unfortunately, she was already married and nearly twice his age. ~ within Chapter 1
Oh, dear God. She should be negotiating his contracts, not his lawyer.
"You're driving me bananas. No. Worse than that." He squeezed the top of his head but his brain still felt as though she'd twirled it with a spaghetti fork. "What's worse than bananas?"
"Pomegranates," she said decisively. "They're harder to eat and don't taste as good."
He bit back a laugh. Yes, exactly. His incredibly perceptive wife drove him pomegranates. "That about covers it." ~ within Chapter 7
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Jacquelyn, then please check out her website.

Idolizing In: Stage Dive Series, Book 2

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 1814 KB | Release Date: March 25, 2014 | Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Play" [Stage Dive Series, Book 2] by Kylie Scott

Author's Book Description : Kylie Scott returns with the highly anticipated follow-up to international bestseller "Lick."

Mal Ericson, drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive, needs to clean up his image fast—at least for a little while. Having a good girl on his arm should do the job just fine. Mal doesn’t plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent, but he didn’t count on finding the one right girl. Anne Rollins never thought she’d ever meet the rock god who plastered her teenage bedroom walls—especially not under these circumstances. Anne has money problems. Big ones. But being paid to play the pretend girlfriend to a wild life-of-the-party drummer couldn’t end well. No matter how hot he is. Or could it?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! Wow! It had been a while since I read "Lick," book 1 of this series, that I completely forgot how much I LOVE Malcolm!!! So much so, that I finished reading this almost 300 page book in one day, which is usually hard for me to do while still looking after my 5 month old and 3 year old children. Basically, this novel had me enthralled from the beginning. Also, even though I had guessed what Mal's major issue was before the reader was told that didn't stop me from becoming so into this novel, and Mal & Anne's relationship, that I really didn't want it to end.

Mal & Anne are a unique couple that seems to roll with the punches that are thrown their way while sticking together through thick and thin. I loved that Ms. Scott found/wrote Anne for Mal, since like Mal says it might not make since for them to be together but fate stepped in and wouldn't let go. They are quite the pair!

I HIGHLY recommend this series and novel to those who love contemporary romances about rock stars!

- On a side note -
There are SOO many great parts to this novel that I kept on wanting to share more and more teasers (I believe I bookmarked about 15 pages of them) at the bottom of this review but I stopped myself at three. =0)

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 1

My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Author's Series Extras : Lick - Overview & Excerpt | Weekend Writing Warriors... Lick. | Weekend Writing Warriors... Lick | Weekend Writing Warriors... Lick | Weekend Writing Warriors... LICK | Weekend Writing Warriors ... LICK | Weekend Writing Warrior ... Lick | Weekend Writing Warriors... LICK | Weekend Writing Warriors... LICK | Another Sunday snippet from LICK. | A smutty snippet from LICK for your Sunday pleasure.

Book Teaser(s) :
Drummer’s arms. They were certainly nice as body parts went, covered in ink and bulging in all the right ways. I bet they felt good, too.
And I was so obviously checking him out someone should slap me.
If I kept this up, I would slap me. Hard.
“What’s your name?” he asked, joining me at the railing. God, even his voice felt good. The little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end with delight.
“My name?”
He stood close enough that our elbows bumped. His bare elbow, since he wore only jeans, a pair of Chucks, and a fitted “Queens of the Stone Age” T-shirt. Mal Ericson had touched me. I’d never wash again.
“Yeeeah, your name,” he drawled. “The point of me telling you my name, even when you already knew it, was so you’d give me yours. That’s how these things go.”
“You knew I knew?”
“The crazy eyes kinda gave it away.”
A moment later, he groaned. “Never mind, this is taking too long. I’ll just make one up for you.”
“Anne what?”
“Anne Rollins.”
A brilliant grin lit his face. “Anne Rollins. See, that wasn’t so tough.”
I gritted my teeth and tried to smile. Most likely I resembled a lunatic. One that had spent way too much time imagining him naked. Good god, the shame.
Gently, he tapped his bottle of beer against mine. “Cheers, Anne. Nice to meet you.” ~ within Chapter 2
Mal: Bored. Ben’s late
Mal: Let’s get a dog
Anne: Apartment has no pets rule
Mal: Nice green lace bra
Anne: Get out of my drawers, Mal.
Mal: Matching panties?
Mal: :)
Mal: Sext me
Mal: Come on it’ll be funny
Mal: Plz?
Mal: High level of unhealthy codependency traits exhibited by both parties relationship possibly bordering on toxic
Anne: WTF?
Mal: Did magazine quiz. We need help. Especially you
Anne: ...
Mal: Booking us couples counseling. Tues 4:15 alright?
Anne: We are not going to counseling.
Mal: What’s wrong? Don’t you love me anymore?
Anne: Turning phone off now.
~ within Chapter 6
“Pumpkin, am I in hell?” Mal walked in, sat on the edge of my bed.
“Yes. Yes, you are. I’m sorry. This is the first and worst level of all, the one where you can hear your neighbors fucking through paper-thin walls.”
Lauren made some screechy noise she was particularly prone to during such encounters. I cringed.
“Make it stop,” Mal whispered, mouth opened wide in horror. “Oh, fuck no. This is horrible.” ~ within Chapter 11
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Kylie, then please check out her website.

Disappointmentville: Eternal Mates Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 1981 KB | Release Date: November 19, 2013 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Kissed by a Dark Prince" [Eternal Mates Series, Book 1] by Felicity Heaton

Author's Book Description : Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her inspection table. He’s her chance to redeem herself with her employer, the demon-hunting organisation, Archangel. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much more than she bargained for…

Attacked by his enemy in the elf kingdom, the last thing Prince Loren expects when he comes around is a beautiful angel watching over him and medical technology of the mortal realm. Hazy from his injuries, all he can focus on is the pulse ticking in her throat and the sweet allure of her blood.

One single bite reveals she is his eternal mate, triggering a bond between them that will leave him weakened until it is completed… or broken, and pulling Olivia into the crossfire of his ancient feud.

To protect his people and his mate from the machinations of a madman, Loren must risk everything by working with Olivia at Archangel to find a way to break the bond blossoming between them.

But will Loren be strong enough to place duty before desire and give up the one thing he has waited millennia for and craves above all others—his eternal mate? And will Olivia be able to resist the incredible heat that burns between them and the temptation of her dark prince’s kiss?

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. Even though I enjoyed how Ms. Heaton setup this novel as an intriguing start for this series, I didn't like this novel as much I'd have liked too. I most felt this way because I didn't like Olivia, the heroine, she was so annoying when it came to her relationship with Leron. I mean I understand her reservations, yet she kept them up even after she learned that Loren wasn't anything like her ex. *shakes head*

I see potential for this series; therefore I only recommend it to those who love reading paranormal romances!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Kissed by a Dark Prince - Overview & Excerpt | Character Biography & Interview - Loren | Character Biography & Interview - Olivia

Author's Series Extras : Eternal Mates Series - Overview | Claimed by a Demon King - Overview & Excerpt | Tempted by a Rogue Prince - Overview | Character Biography & Interview - Thorne | Character Biography & Interview - Sable

Eternal Mates Romance Series by Felicity Heaton

Book Teaser(s) :
He wheeled around to his right and her eyes shot to the arched door near the other end of the room, close to a low long cabinet.
It was one of the men from the other night. The one who had spoken. She recognised his face. He still wore his suit of armour, but his helmet was gone, revealing black-blue overlong wild hair. Did all of their species have the same hair and eye colour? He stared at her, purple eyes dark and cold, but laced with a touch of surprise.
“I sensed your agitation.” He switched his focus to the man who had bitten and kidnapped her. “Is everything well, my prince?”
Prince. Oh my. She had been right on the money. Her kidnapper was a prince. A prince of what though?
The other male’s eerie gaze slid back to her and narrowed, and Olivia had the dreadful feeling that he would be all too willing to kill her if she was upsetting the man he had referred to as his prince.
The prince in question shook his head and waved regally, dismissing the male. “That action will not be necessary, Bleu. The female is not a threat to me.”
Olivia bristled at that. She could have killed him when she’d had him unconscious on her inspection table. Not a threat her ass.
Both men slid deadly looks her way and Olivia realised she had said it all aloud. She shrank back, trying to make herself look as small and nonthreatening as possible. ~ within Chapter 3
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Felicity, then please check out her website.

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Feasted On: Baby, Oh Baby! by Robin Wells

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 468 KB | Release Date: November 4, 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Baby, Oh Baby!" by Robin Wells

Author's Book Description : This time its all mixed up...

Cynical, jaded, practical-minded attorney Jake Chastaine is still grieving his late wife two years after her death when he discovers that due to a mistake at a fertility center where she received treatment, a woman he's never met has had his baby. Jake is determined to play a role in his child's life. He's chagrined to discover, however, that the mother of his child is as appealing as she is impractical. A gorgeous redhead, Annie is a free spirit who raises llamas, reads tea leaves and believes her dead grandfather talks to her through highway billboards. Worst of all, she makes his body temperature soar in a most illogical manner.

When his law partner and former father-in-law threatens to ruin Annie in a misguided attempt to help him acquire custody of the child, Jake decides that the best way to handle the situation is to enter into a short-term marriage of convenience. They both get far more than they bargained for, and learn a life-changing lesson about the power of love.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! SO SWEET!!! A man and woman's lives join when their baby is born but even more so for Jake and Annie, two people who conceived a child because of a sperm bank mix-up, who are complete opposites yet plan to do everything in their power to make a good life/family for their child. Even if that means accidentally falling in love!

Together they balance each other out. While Jake proves to Annie he's the big-hearted man she's been hoping for, Annie shows Jake what it's like to be your true self and that love isn't black and white.

I really think they made a great pair! Plus, Madeline was so cute!

Along with reading about Jake dealing with his grief over his wife's passing, you read about her parent's -- who Jake is still close to -- dealing with their grief too. I thought it was a unique take that was both funny, sweet, and sad at times but brought a lot of heart to this novel.

I especially enjoyed how this novel was wrapped up at the end. Yet I was hopping their would be an epilogue with Annie being pregnant or having another baby to bring them together even more. I mostly wished this because how Jake keeps talking about how much he missed and how you can tell even though the timing would have been bad he wanted to have been there.

I recommend this novel to anyone to likes contemporary romances!

Purchase This Book Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Baby, Oh Baby! - Overview & Excerpt | Baby, Oh Baby!

Book Teaser(s) :
Her voice broke off. “Oh, my! Your baby’s gotten ahold of something.”
Jake whipped his head around to see Madeline sitting under a chair, merrily sucking on a shiny object. He sprang to his feet, bolted across the room, and hauled the baby out into the open floor. The lower part of her face was smeared black, and her lips seemed to have disappeared. Jake yanked the object out of her mouth. It was a large felt-tip marker.
“Oh, hell.” Jake grabbed his shirttail again, and once more tried to swab out the baby’s mouth: As before, the child screamed at an eardrum-piercing volume.
For all of his efforts, Jake wasn’t making any progress. His shirt was gaining additional grime, but he didn’t see any lessening of the blackness in the baby’s mouth. It was black as pitch, and the blackness stretched all the way to the back of her tonsils—which she was showing to advantage as she yelped at full volume.
Alarm raced through Jake. “Hey—does anyone know if ink is poisonous?”
The pink-haired teenager squatted beside him and picked up the marker. “It says right here it’s nontoxic.”
Relief gushed through Jake. “Thank God.”
Yanking away from Jake, Madeline threw herself at the teenager as if he were a life raft on a storm-tossed sea. Her crying stopped as she crawled onto his lap. She grinned up engagingly, her mouth looking like a coal mine at night.
The boy’s eyes grew wide with alarm. “Hey! What’s she doin’?”
“Sitting on your lap. She likes you,” Lilly proclaimed.
The baby continued to grin. Despite himself, the boy smiled back. “Ya know, she looks kinda cool,” he said. “She’s kinda got a Goth look goin’.”
“She’s a sight, that’s for sure,” Lilly agreed. ~ within Chapter 6
She turned toward him. She wasn’t angry, he realized with relief. She was cracking up with laughter. She leaned against him, laughing until tears ran down her face.
She finally drew a breath and wiped her eyes. “Well, you get points for coming clean about it.”
He looked at her accusingly. “You knew.”
The remark set off a fresh round of giggles. Annie looked at Madeline, who was holding the stubs of two snack cakes in her fists, her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk’s. “Madeline gave it away. She went nuts when I found the Twinkie boxes in the pantry.”
Jake rubbed his head, feeling like an idiot. “I should have told you,” he admitted. “It was just such a stupid thing to do....”
Annie’s eyes danced. “It would have been stupider if you’d sat there and actually eaten six of them to keep me from finding out.”
Jake grinned back. “You would have let me do that, too, wouldn’t you?”
“I would have. But I don’t think Madeline would.”
He laughed and gazed into her eyes—into her laughing, impish, blue eyes— and felt an almost overwhelming surge of attraction.
‘So she thinks your name is Twinkie.” Annie cocked her head as she said the word, as if she were testing it on her tongue. “That’s kind of cute. I think I’ll start calling you that, too.”
“Don’t you dare.”
“I just might, just to see what you’ll do.” ~ within Chapter 15
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Robin, then please check out her website.
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