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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They say that things just cannot grow beneath the winter snow

"Snowbound" by Janice Kay Johnson was such a disappointment. I picked it up from since they had it free if you had an iPod or a Kindle and it was on the top of the list for supposedly being so good. But ehhh. =0P

It's about a teacher who is driving back (in a snowstorm) from an out-of-town event with a group of her students (8 teens). They decided to take the quickest route back ... not knowing that that highway closes in the winter. Thankfully the route they took has a lodge on it. The owner of this lodge is a gentleman who just got discharged from the military, and is dealing with his own set of problems. During the teacher (and her group's) 3 night stay at the lodge waiting for the storm to let-up, the teacher and the owner build a connection ..... and they see if they can make it work afterwords.

I mean the setting was good and so was the plot/point of the story. But if I wanted to read about war scenes then I would have picked up a nonfiction or history type of book, not a romance. And even though the story was a short one, for how she dragged it out making so everyone was so indecisive .... I was just happy to see it end.

2 out of 5 stars.

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