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Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby, I don't understand. Just why we can't be lovers. Things are getting out of hand. Tryin' to much, but baby we can win.

Pages: 210 | Release Date: March/April 2010

"The Unwritten Rule" by Elizabeth Scott -- Everyone knows the unwritten rule: You don’t like your best friend’s boyfriend. So, this is what happens when you do...

Sarah has liked Ryan since 8th grade, but even though she told her best friend Brianna during that time, her friend never really believed her. Now at seventeen she still likes him, but she’s to shy to do anything about it. So, when Brianna and her attend an end-of-the-summer party she’s blown away by how much cuter Ryan has become over the summer. The only problem is Sarah isn’t the only one who notices, and by the end of the party, Brianna is all over Ryan. Then starts a series of miscommunications that end up with Brianna and Ryan together and Sarah left as the third wheel.

Almost two months she has put up with them kissing in front of her and doing all of the boyfriend/girlfriend things around her, yet Sarah has taken it in stride. But one night when Ryan drops her off at her house from a party alone, Sarah realizes that they have more in common then she expected, and that moment becomes wonderful and awful all at the same time. How can she do something like that to her best friend? Then life comes into play and Sarah finds that no matter how hard she tries to do the right thing someone is going to get hurt. The question is she will to sacrifice her dearest friend for the possibility of love? Or will she give up her happiness for her best friend?

4 out of 5 stars! This novel keeps your attention the whole way through. Definitely shows a side of girl friendships that you rarely see. Since we always read or watch in movies these girls who have it all with their little sidekick best friend, but you don't always hear about the best friend's version of what goes on between them or why she really puts up with what she does, and I think this book beautifully displays it.

However, I will admit that from the middle of the book on I was deeply pissed off at Brianna, and would have loved to bitch slap her myself. *hahaa* Especially since I have a hunch that Brianna new all along about Sarah's interests in Ryan, which is why she did what she did. But I could be wrong.

Sidenote :: I LOVED THE ENDING!!! It was sooo good!!

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** Title is from the song Tearin' Up My Heart by *N Sync **

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