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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Made the Grade: Heart of the Dragon's Realm by Karalynn Lee

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 354 KB | Expected Release Date: October 29, 2012 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained: NetGalley

"Heart of the Dragon's Realm" by Karalynn Lee

My Book Summary : Princess Kimri's life is about to change forever. Recently her brother, the King of Anagard, made an alliance with another realm by offering her hand in marriage. So now, Kimri is off to King Tathan's, also known as the mountain King, realm to become his bride and the Queen of Helsmont. However, when she first gets to Helsmont Tathan informs her that they will be betrothed for a year to get to know one another and back out if either decides they'd like to, which she finds helps her to fall in love with his kingdom and in time the King too.

As things progress Kimri learns that the war between Anagard and a different realm has gotten worse. So much so, that she decides to take matters into her own hands. Nevertheless, will her decisions to help her brother make Tathan not trust her or will he be able to support her in her time of need?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Respectful, charming, adventurous, and sweet sum up this novel! I enjoyed getting to know the characters, especially everyone living in Helsmont. However, I think I would have enjoyed this novel more if I could have read from Tathan's perspective. Even though I really did like reading about Kimri and Tathan's growing romance. They were very sweet together.

Although, one thing I'm really curious about is what happened to Kimri because of the nick or slice she got on her arm from the sword-dance she was in. The reason I'm stuck on it is that the book acted like something was going to come out of it, at least that's what I thought, but then there was no follow up. I was really hoping that she would change into a dragon or something .... but oh wells. =0/

With all that being said I do recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys sweet light (with a bit of dramatic) romances.

Author's Novel Extras : Author's Notes | Mini Epilogue

Book Teaser(s) :
His expression was uncharacteristically hesitant. “Rendel’s not here yet. Will you come with me? I have something to show you. A sign of spring, despite the snow yesterday.”
Her curiosity leaped up and she fell into step with him. “Where are we going?”
“Outside the city.”
She halted. “Wait a minute.” She dashed to her room. She pulled on her gloves, realized they should be left for last, yanked them off, struggled into an extra overlarge tunic, traded her scarf for a shawl she could drape over her head, found a fur-lined cloak, donned her gloves again and rejoined the mountain-king in the hallway.
He just looked at her.
“I get cold,” she said defensively, voice muffled by the shawl wrapped around her face.
He smiled faintly as they started walking again. ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Karalynn, then please check out her website.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feasted On: Runaway Heart by Claudy Conn

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 390 KB | Release Date: September 24, 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Smashwords

"Runaway Heart" by Claudy Conn

My Book Summary : For the last year, Chelsea has been sequestered away at her school that she shouldn't be at anymore, since she's almost 19 years old and she graduated last year. Now she has been summoned back to her horrid aunt Augusta (the one who left her at her school). However, Chelsea has other plans. When she finds out that the school needs to send her to her aunt, she sneaks out from the school with her best friend, Sam, to see if her trustee can help her.

Thankfully when Chelsea's trustee found out about what was happening to her he brought Chelsea's godmother, Lady Daisy--whom he had feelings for, to help. Lady Daisy agrees to take her under her wing and present her into society for Chelsea's first season. In doing so, Lady Daisy cohorts her handsome rogue of a nephew, Lord Wainwright (Brett), to help as well by escorting her around the ton.

At first Chelsea and Brett get off on the wrong foot because of her first appearance when they meet. However, soon they fall into a jovial friendship that grows over the time they spend together into something a whole lot more. Nevertheless, Brett has no plans on moving forward with his attentions because of their age difference of ten years. In addition, because Brett has always planned on keeping to his rogue ways and of never marrying. But over time, seeing Chelsea be approached by other gentleman gets harder on Brett then he originally thought. Will they be able find a way to be together or will jealous rivalries keep them apart for good?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars, follow a wonderful story about how handsome rogue falls in love with "his brat." I loved the plot and all of the major characters (Chelsea, Brett, Sam, & Lady Daisy)!! Chelsea and Brett are so cute together! Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the antics Chelsea led everyone (mostly herself) into!! Her antics were especially funny when she was helping some defenseless creature in one way or another. =0)

I recommend this novel to those who love historical romances!!

Book Teaser(s) :
“Miss Halloway.” Beau greeted her with a bow and a sweeping glance. “I am acquainted with your aunt Augusta.”
Brett Wainwright considered his friend, for this statement told him nothing of his opinion, though he fancied he knew it, and then Chelsea stunned him once again with her reply.
“Never mind—I hope you will judge me on my own, for I am not well acquainted with my aunt Augusta and cannot claim to be anything like her.”
His lordship choked and chuckled and choked some more, and he saw the open amusement alive in the Beau’s eyes. The Beau inclined his head and said sweetly, “Indeed, my dear, you are very, very different.” It was said as an obvious compliment. ~ within Chapter 7
Chelsea had the devil in her as she said, “Of the two, I like the younger Miss Breccon over her sister.”
“Chels, how can you say so! Susan ... Susan is an ... angel.”
Still driven to get a rise out of him she said, “Yes, well, angels you know are very good, but very dull ...”
“Dull?” Sam returned in outrage. “Never one moment of dullness have I experienced in her company. Peaceful, restful ...”
Chelsea burst out laughing, and his face slowly relaxed into a smile as he said, “All a hum ...”
“Yes, but a useful one, for now we know don’t we ...?”
He sighed. “She is special, isn’t she?”
“Very ... and I was teasing you as you guessed. I like her very well.” ~ within Chapter 12
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Claudy, then please check out her website.

Feasted On: Tasting Fire by Shelly Holt

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 272 KB | Release Date: September 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Shelly Holt

"Tasting Fire" by Shelly Holt

My Book Summary : Rae is a biologist, who came from humble beginnings in Las Vegas, with a passion for saving Asian Snow Leopards and has dedicated her life to do so. Therefore, when she finds out that her mentor and part-time lover has plans to kill four snow leopards for the "name of science" she leaves her job and brakes off her romance with him.

Kai is an Asian Snow Leopard shape-shifter, the leader of his people, and trying to find a way to keep their secret from coming out to the world. Therefore, when he hears about Rae leaving her job because of her boss' choices he decides to see if he convince her to help him. However, to do so he will need to bring Rae in on his shape-shifter secret.

Once she agrees, one thing after another keeps them busy with finding a way to protect Kai's people from being captured and found out. Throughout Kai & Rae's time together they become closer, and passions fly high. Nevertheless, once a point comes when Kai suddenly has to choose between protecting his people or Rae, what choice will he make, whom will he choose? Or can he find a way to save them all?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars. Learn about a new way of life along with Rae, while falling in love with the myth & possibility of Kai's world. I will say when starting to read this novel I was not a fan of either of the main characters. At first, I found them to both be annoying and found their thought processes a little hard to follow. Nevertheless, as I kept on with the novel I couldn't help but get swept away in the plot, which I just happened to LOVE!!

Then -- once you are 60% of the way into the novel .... the twists hit you nonstop, the story turns very fast-paced, and things you never think would happen (but had some idea might) finally do!! Everything that happened from those points onto the very end really made me like this novel so much! Plus it doesn't hurt that it has some VERY HOT sex scenes to keep you entertained throughout.

In addition, I'm happy to say that by the time I finished this novel I fell in love with Rae & Kai as a couple, they really are perfect for one another, especially with the way they get to know each other. They finally found the one person they could be themselves around. ♥

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys shape-shifter romances or paranormal romances!

Author's Novel Extras : Inspiration for Kai Tenzin

Book Teaser(s) :
This time Rae was able to really appreciate the experience without fainting from shock. Her scientific mind started to process what she was seeing. Kai was a large specimen. Rae estimated he had to weigh at least a hundred and twenty pounds. His eyes were clear and his tail held high. The exotic leopard had excellent muscle tone. His nose looked moist. A very healthy cat! she thought to herself. Kai stood there chuffing patiently as he allowed his men to adjust his equipment. After it was done Kai turned around and was staring right at Rae. She felt herself go weak in the knees and sat down on the couch. Kai was concerned about the effect he was having on the doctor. He didn't change back to human form, but instead padded over to her at the couch. He sat with his haunches on the floor and cocked his head quizzically. He looked for all the world like a giant house cat when he did that. Rae laughed and Kai seemed relieved she wasn't about to take a header off the couch.
He brushed the top of his head against her hand just like a domestic cat to communicate he was glad she was handling it better this time. Rae hesitantly reached out to touch the top of his head. Kai allowed the scientist to pet him. ~ within Chapter 12
The handsome shape-shifter caught her hand and brought it to his lips. Rae remembering the last argument they had before Kai left, looked deep into Kai's eyes and made the first move towards apologizing “I'm sorry we parted the way we did” Rae offered. Kai watched the beautiful scientist with a fiery intensity in his eyes as he also apologized “so am I. Tonight, I'll make it up to you. I promise!” Rae teased lightly “you aren't jet lagged are you?” Kai didn't answer, but the look in his eyes left no doubt that he would be finishing tonight what Rae had started their first night in Hong Kong. Rae's insides quivered in anticipation of what that look would translate to in the bedroom later. ~ within Chapter 26
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Shelly, then please check her out on the Goodreads' website.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog Tour - Made the Grade: No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn | Interview, Review, & Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Cari Quinn, who I interviewed about her latest novel "No Flowers Required," which is the 2nd book in her Love Required Series!!

ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY!! [Blog Tour will run from August 24 - 29, 2012]

My Q&A with Cari Quinn :

Jess : Everyone please help me welcome Cari!!

Cari : Thanks so much for having me here today! :)

Jess : Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Cari : Sure! I’m a full time writer with an addiction to pumpkin spice lattes, watching men’s college basketball, and I absolutely love anything Halloween-related. I’m heading to Salem, Mass this weekend with my bestie, so that kind of proves my love of things that go bump in the night!

Jess : Who or what was your inspiration to begin writing?

Cari : I’m not really sure. I just always loved disappearing into books, first others then eventually my own. I was in fourth grade when I started trying to write a book with a friend. It took me until I was 31 to finish a book, but I finally got there!

Jess : Please describe your hero, from "No Flowers Required," in one to two sentences.

Cari : Dillon’s a fiercely devoted, loyal, hardworking guy who sometimes does the wrong things for the right reasons. Oh, and he’s good with his hands. ;)

Jess : Which of your characters would you most & least like to invite to dinner, from which book and why?

Cari : Oooh, great question! I’d most love to invite Cory from the upcoming "No Romance Required" to dinner (you meet him in "No Flowers Required") because there’s so much more to him than meets the eye and least like to invite Ty from "Ex Appeal" because he’s such a clueless male about being honest about his feelings with his woman!

Jess : Is there one particular scene in "No Flowers Required" that you’re dying for readers to read? Can you tell us anything about it?

Cari : Hmm, tough one! I’d have to say the rooftop in the rain scene. Think rooftop garden, driving rain, and a one-hour-stand that becomes so much more...

Jess : Which usually comes first for you, the character(s) story or the idea for the novel?

Cari : Usually the premise comes for me before the characters. Though usually the characters end up twisting my original premise all around until I don’t even recognize it anymore!

Jess : If "No Flowers Required" were to be made into a film, who do you see playing the main characters and why?

Cari : I’d have to say Andrew Stetson for Dillon and Kate Beckinsale for Alexa. Andrew’s got a sort of rough and tumble look about him that’s perfect for Dillon and Kate’s beautiful and strong, the best of both worlds!

Jess : In regards to "No Flowers Required," if you could write it all over again, would you change anything about it?

Cari : Wow, such great questions! I can’t think of anything right now, but I guarantee if I were to write it again things would change—I’m the ultimate tweaker and fiddler and nothing’s up to my standards!

Jess : How many books have you written? Which is your favorite and why?

Cari : I’ve released seventeen books so far, plus a cowboy anthology from various authors and a non-fiction book about writing sex scenes that included an essay of mine. I have more coming out later this year. I’m going to steal Nora Roberts’ answer and say my favorite is whatever one I’m working on, which is so true!

Jess : Do you have any other projects in the works? If so, can you share a little of your current work with us?

Cari : Right now I’m writing Cory’s book, "No Romance Required," and it’s been a blast so far! Let’s just say Cory and Vicky definitely shoot off sparks—and if you’ve read "No Flowers Required," you got a glimpse of that—and heat up the cold winter nights!

Jess : Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover? Any specific reason why?

Cari : Ebooks all the way! I was slow to convert but I don’t read paper books anymore. I’m so addicted to my Kindle stuffed with samples and the million books I’m reading at once that I can’t imagine going back to carrying around just one paperback at a time.

Jess : If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Cari : Love this! Hmm, I’ll go with: "Better With Age." Because I am! Though I could do without the pesky gray hair that goes with it...

Jess : Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said screw it?

Cari : LOL, no, I haven’t, but I have gone outside with my shirt on inside out...and not realized til I got home. This is why I drink a lot of coffee to be alert in the morning!

Jess : List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend?

Cari : "Ashes and Wine" — Taryn Elliott

"My Life Next Door" — Huntley Fitzpatrick

"Trust In Me" — Skye Warren

Thanks for such a fun interview! :)

Jess : YOU'RE WELCOME!! Thanks for being here!!

About the Author :

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn saves the world one Photoshop file at a time in her job as a graphic designer. At night, she writes sexy romance, drinks a lot of coffee, and plays her music way too loud. When she’s not scribbling furiously, she’s watching men’s college basketball, reading excellent books, and causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 291 KB | Expected Release Date: August 2012 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Brazen | Obtained: Entangled Publishing

"No Flowers Required" [Love Required Series, Book 2] by Cari Quinn

My Book Summary : The past year has been tough on Alexa (Lex); first, her brother fell in love with her best friend making her feel a bit left out, second her boss dies and leaves her the flower business she owned. Thankfully, she loved the business and wants it to succeed. However, she never knew how bad the businesses finances were doing until she became the owner of it. And ... WOW they are bad! Nothing she has done seems to help, that is until she sells her house and moves into a "crappy" apartment within the same building as her shop. The same day she moves in, she meets Dillon, who she's instantly attracted too, and believes is the handyman of the building because she see him fixing up an apartment down the hall from her.

However, Dillon is a whole lot more than a handyman, he actually owns the building, a few others, and will soon be the owner of Value Hardware (he's parents store that he and his older brother will soon take over that is like a Lowe's). Nevertheless, Lex stirs feelings in Dillon that he hasn't had in a long while so he decides, at first, to play the part of the handyman to see where things will go between him and Lex. That is until he learns of Lex's strong hatred of Value Hardware he decides to play the part a little longer. Yet the longer he pretends to be someone he isn't completely the harder he finds it is tell Lex the truth. But when the truth finally comes out, will Alexa understand and be able to forgive him or will their relationship be blown to bits?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars! Find how you can be true to yourself while falling in love. Dillon and Alexa are a combustible duo that could not be more perfect for each other. I enjoyed their trials and tribulations while they stumbled through saving Alexa's flower shop and how they dealt with their growing relationship!!

My only problem was the slowish pace that the book sets in the beginning. Nevertheless, reading their hot sex sessions and their flirtatious ways around each other kept me hooked to this novel.

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances!

Author's Novel Extras : Six Sentence Sunday, No Flowers Required style pt 1 | Six Sentence Sunday, No Flowers Required style pt 2

Book Teaser(s) :
Or at least that’s what he assumed until she turned and dangled the handle of his watering can from her fingertip. A sexy smile ghosted around her mouth, scarcely visible in the moonlight. “Aww, a daisy. Missing this?”
“It’s a watering can,” he muttered, snatching it out of her hand.
“I know. I’ve used them before. You know, a lot of men might be intimidated by using such a...cute item.” Another sexy smile. Damn if he didn’t find them delicious.
“If I didn’t prove my manliness a few minutes ago, then screw the daisy.”
She laughed and the sound smoothed away most of his ire. ~ within Chapter 3
The next night she returned home to a fully painted bathroom, a half-moon daisy rug in front of the sink—an exact match to the watering can she’d laughed at him for toting around—and a new mason jar of flowers on the windowsill. She blushed as she took in the bluish-purple blossoms. Forget-me-nots. Too bad he didn’t realize how truly fitting they were.
Best of all, there was another note. Grinning, she snatched it up.
I’m glad you liked the paint. You don’t have to keep the rug I bought, but when I saw that daisy at the thrift shop today, it reminded me of you. Everything seems to lately. D. ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cari, then please check out her website.

My Giveaway!! :

  • An ARC e-book copy of "No Flowers Required" Book 2 to one randomly drawn person from Rafflecopter
  • An kindle copy of "No Dress Required" Book 1 to two randomly drawn person from Rafflecopter
The Fine Print -- To Enter :
  1. This contest ends on October 1st 2012.
  2. This contest is International!!
  3. You must be 18 years-old or older!!
  4. It's the author/publisher's responsibility to ensure that the winner gets "No Flowers Required," not mine.

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Find Cari Quinn :

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disappointmentville: 10 Days Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 276; Kindle Edition - File Size: 456 KB | Expected Release Date: September 25, 2012 | Publisher: Brava Books | Obtained: NetGalley

"How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days" [10 Days Series, Book 2] by Saranna DeWylde (aka Sara Lunsford)

My Book Summary : Mordred (Dred) is a billionaire playboy warlock who can have any woman he wants. If the rumors are true about him, it seems like he has already had them all. All possibly, except for Midnight (Middy) Cherrywood, the one girl he teased the most while at the Academy and the one now who he would love to hook up with. However, Dred gets more then he bargained for when one date turns into a fake engagement for a mission he (and Middy) have been requested to do.

Middy has never liked Dred but just because she might not like him doesn't mean she doesn't lust after him. He is the only man she has ever really wanted to hook up with and that's exactly her bargain with Dred for her compliance on this mission, for him to have sex with her. Of course when Middy made the packed with Dred she really thought that he was kidding about the mission altogether.

Now the too are paired up for more then just a little fun, while learning a whole lot more about each other during the process. However, there are other people from an evil warlock that wants to take over the world to Dred's mother who are trying their hardest to either kill them both or push them together for good ... which one will win?

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. This is a unique take on the whole good vs. evil thing since who you think might be good and who you think might be evil aren't always true. Middy & Dred are quite a pair that are definitely made for each other! I loved them and Middy's quirky ways.

However, I SOOO wanted to like this novel but even with me liking the main characters and all of the cute funny stuff it just seemed to drag on too much for me to thoroughly enjoy it. Which is why I stopped reading at Chapter 25 - titled 'Things to Do in Loudun When You're Still Dead' and then skimmed through the rest of the book. =0/ However, I will say from what I read of the ending it was cute and wrapped up nicely.

Therefore, I would only recommend this novel to those who are fans of Saranna DeWylde, those who liked "How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days" (Book 1), or to those who enjoy quirky paranormal romances!! Thankfully, you don't need to read Book 1 to understand the plot of this novel, but you also get to catch-up with the characters from Book 1 to see what they are up too now!!

Author's Series Extras : Treasure Room | Is It Always the Hero... | Book Signing Odyssey | Hex Your Ex Box and How To Lose A Demon In 10 Days | How To Seduce An Angel in 10 Days - snippet

Book Teaser(s) :
"I can't wait until one of you decides that you've found the one. I'm going to make that witch wish she'd never been born." Middy gave them a wicked grin. "All for your own good, of course. Have to test her, make sure she can go the long haul, right, boys? Everything that you dish up to Dred, I'll be taking notes."
"Go ahead, Mids. I don't think any of us is the marrying kind," Raven snorted.
"Yeah, remember that. And don't forget to repeat that little gem in front of Mom."
They all cringed. ~ within Chapter 7 - titled 'The Worst That Could Happen'
Dred's eyes widened and then the bastard had the gall to laugh. It wasn't just a little giggle, or a smirk, it was an all-out belly laugh. As if that weren't enough, it was a deep sound that curled somewhere in her nethers and made her feel all warm inside. Middy found that to be a particularly inappropriate feeling.
She'd made her Grand Confession and he'd laughed and patted her on the head as if she were a favorite puppy who'd been caught chewing on his shoe. "Mother gave you the potion, didn't she?" ~ within Chapter 17 - titled 'Stuck in Old Loudun Again'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Saranna, then please check out her website.



My blog has finally received 100 followers!! So, that means I've gotta stick to my bargain .... GIVEAWAYs!! Therefore .... I do have one coming up this coming Monday (September 24th) with my review & interview of "No Flowers Required" by Cari Quinn!! So be sure to stop by and check it out!! Otherwise ... I'm still in the gathering process of what I should give you guys and how many giveaways .... also should I do them all at once or space them out??

So please give me your thoughts on this as well as .... who are you favorite authors and/or who would you like to receive a free book by? Also ... if I giveaway a bunch of oldie but goodie books which genre would you rather have Adult or YA & Paranormal or Contemporary??

Please let me get your thoughts on these questions! Thanks ahead of time!!

Take care, Jess

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Made the Grade: Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 343 KB | Release Date: July 2011 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Bunny And The Bear" [Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) Series, Book 1] by Eve Langlais

My Book Summary : Miranda (a werebunny) has recently been given a new assignment; protect Chase (a werebear -- grizzly) from a mad scientist. To do so she needs to stick to the grouchy bear like glue, which seems to be easier then she first expected when she first meets his all too handsome self.

Chase has some other ideas though. He would love to get anywhere he could away from this annoying excitable bunny ... or so he thought at first. Soon he comes to find that Miranda has squirmed her into his every thought and dream and doesn't seem to be leaving fast enough.

However, as they deal with their personal struggles about what they feel should be right or wrong about getting into a relationship (sexual or otherwise) there is an angry "scientist" out there plotting against the both of them. Will they be able to get a handle on their feelings while not being captured before it's too late?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this exciting and adventurous novel keeps you on your toes so much you'll feel like you’re a bunny too! I love the quirky relationship between Miranda & Chase! Also, how there relationship subtly grew from strangers to friends to something more within the short time span that they were together. Plus, I couldn't help but enjoy Miranda and her optimistic/excitable ways and Chase's sharing issues. =0)

If only there was a bit more passion thrown in ... *hehee* ... it might have been perfect. Nevertheless, I loved the plot and the build up for this series. I especially enjoyed getting to meet Viktor so I can't wait to read his story, "Croc And The Fox," soon!

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who is a fan of Eve Langlais or to those who enjoy reading paranormal romances with a little erotica in them.

Author's Novel Extras : Squeeeeeeeeeeee! | Bunny And The Bear has been nominated!!!

Author's Series Extras : Want to get officially F.U.C’d? | And the five, new FUC Agents are ...

Book Teaser(s) :
What a relief when they reached the ice cream parlor, and she shut up for about five seconds. Chase held back several sighs as Miranda oohed and aahed over every flavor, unable to decide until he growled at her, “Hurry up and decide or I swear I’m going to find out if it’s possible to drown a person in it.”
Again, she stuck out that pink tongue of hers. “Oh please, like you’d waste that much quality ice cream when you could just throttle me.” She said it with a smile that almost made his lips quirk in reply. He flexed his fingers at her, and she laughed instead of running away. Disgruntled, Chase didn’t follow through because she finally made her selection. ~ within Chapter 2
“You are completely and utterly whacked. You know that.”
“Yeah. My mom says it’s ‘cause she dropped me on my head one too many times as a baby.”
Chase’s lips twitched, then trembled, then opened wide as he laughed. And laughed some more, the loud, rumbling sound so contagious she joined him. She turned to straddle him, and tugged at his shirt.
“What are you doing?”
“Trying to get you naked.”
“But the cameras?” he protested.
Sighing, she stood and stripped off her shirt. She used it to cover up the living room camera. “Happy now?”
Shaking his head, and mumbling about crazy, sexy bunnies, Chase stripped to reveal his magnificent body. ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Eve, then please check out her website.

Feasted On: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em by Angie Stanton

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 1039 KB | Release Date: September 4, 2012 | Publisher: Montlake Romance | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Love ‘em or Leave ‘em" by Angie Stanton

My Book Summary : Luke is used to women wanting to be with him and he's usually more than happy to oblige. However, he's family wants him to settle down, preferably soon. Therefore, after loosing a bet with his younger brother, Luke is now the latest bachelor for a new reality show called "Love ‘em or Leave ‘em," for which the setup of the show is similar to "The Bachelor." Initially Luke is wary about the process but enjoys being surrounded by the beautiful women. Nevertheless, Luke's feelings change about the process and grow for a few of the woman but one in particular ... Ashley.

Ever since high school where Ashley had to deal with a vicious boy who worked on the newspaper, she has disliked being on camera in any shape or form. However, as a last minute favor to a best friend she agrees to go on "Love ‘em or Leave ‘em" in hopes to stay in the background and be voted off quickly. Too bad for her, that plan backfires quickly when she falls right at Luke's feet when she meets him. Then has to deal with one calamity after another. Throughout the show, Ashley tries to prove to Luke that they are not the perfect match, but as they get to know each other, they find that their hearts don't seem to agree.

Will Luke find the girl for him? Will Ashley get what she truly wants? Are these to better off as friends or should they stay together because of their amazing chemistry? Find out all your answers on .... "Love ‘em or Leave ‘em!"

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, Luke is usually the love ‘em or leave ‘em kind of guy but once the reality show starts he'll find what he's really been looking for is closer then he ever believed. I loved the chemistry that constantly sparks between Luke & Ashley!! In addition, I enjoyed how much Ashley grew throughout the reality show process. It also put a little perspective on those types of game shows for me.

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance novels with a bit of reality TV thrown in.

Book Teaser(s) :
"Now approach the ball and get a feel for the pressure you'll need to hit it out"
Ashley raised an eyebrow at him and followed his directions. "I am now approaching the ball." She walked cautiously up to the ball talking to it as she went. "Okay, I'm in. Ball, we need to get you out of here safely. What's the plan? Do you feel pressure? What pressure do I need to hit you out of here?" She peeked over her shoulder at Luke. "Oh, you want me to pick you up and throw you?" She bent down to pick up the ball, and Luke grabbed her gently by the arm. The touch of his warm grasp went straight through her whole body.
"Oh no you don't. You're going to hit it fair and square." He let go of her arm and she felt suddenly chilled. ~ within Chapter 8
"You took quite a beating. I don't think your legs are going to look too good in shorts for a while, not to mention a swimsuit."
She scrutinized her legs. "I think you may be right. However"---there was optimism in her voice---"this may actually be a good thing. There are so many scrapes, I have that much less leg to shave. My morning shower will go so much faster."
Luke shook his head. ~ within Chapter 11
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Angie, then please check out her website.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Tour - Rafael by K. Victoria Chase | Spreading the Word & Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to K. Victoria Chase author of "Rafael," which is the 1st book in The Santiago Brothers Series!

ALSO -- Be sure to comment on this post to be able to sign up for this tour's GIVEAWAY (listed below)!! [Blog Tour will run from September 10 - 21, 2012]

"Rafael" [The Santiago Brothers Series, Book 1] by K. Victoria Chase

Author's Book Description :
    The last time Detective Genie Green let a man humiliate her was her college sweetheart—never again. Yet, when former high school lothario Rafael Santiago returns to town as the consulting detective on her case, Genie’s rule of never allowing another man to best her is challenged. Can she trust him long enough to solve this case and get the glory?

    Rafa can’t seem to outrun his delinquent past. When The Snakes, a criminal organization he used to belong to, begin murdering people from his hometown, he has a chance to right some of his past wrongs. Will arresting the murderers be enough to redeem him, or will a certain beautiful detective pay the ultimate price instead?

    A Christian interracial romantic suspense.

About the Author :

From childhood, bestselling author K. Victoria Chase enjoyed writing stories and plays and reading Christian romance. She received degrees in Criminal Justice and Diplomacy and worked as a federal law enforcement officer for several years before deciding to try her hand at writing a complete novel. "Serial Games" (Virginia Justice Book One) is the third completed work and the first published by Desert Breeze Publishing. Book two of the series, "Marked by the Mob," will be released in November 2012. She has recently signed with Astraea Press for the first in her Santiago Brothers series, the Amazon bestselling "Rafael." Until she can make writing a full-time venture, K. Victoria Chase continues to work in the field of counterterrorism, identifying potential terrorists that threaten the United States and the world. She currently resides in Leesburg, VA and writes both clean and Christian interracial romance.

Book Excerpt :

“Wow. You know, you have a real talent with women.”

Rafa gave her a sideways glance but didn’t answer. She saw the corners of his mouth fight an upward pull.

“I bet they have you working all the female subject interviews.” Genie tugged hard on the door handle.

“You don’t have to be jealous Genie,” came his smooth reply.

“Jealous? Ha! Why would I be jealous of her? Over you?” She got in and slammed the door closed.

Rafa slid effortlessly into the seat, calmly closed the door, and jerked his seatbelt on when the car surged forward. Genie nearly forgot to brief the surveillance team, and she whipped the vehicle around and pulled alongside the other car. She rolled down her window. “Let’s give it another day fellas. I’ll let the Lieutenant know and if there is any change to the plan, then we’ll give you a call. Until then, your relief will come as scheduled.” They nodded in affirmation, and Genie drove away.

“Watch your speed,” Rafa teased.

“My speed? What about your speed?”

My speed?” His voice feigned innocence to her insinuation.

“In another minute Ms. Flores Cera would have forgone the call and invited you in. I’m sure she could whip up some fajitas and rice in no time.”

Rafa roared with laughter. “Do you hear yourself? Fajitas and rice? Who knew Ms. Church could toss around stereotypes.”

Genie blinked. Did she truly say that? Shame swept through her. “I’m sorry,” she murmured. “That was unkind. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I do.”

Genie heard the smile in his voice. She wasn’t jealous.

She. Wasn’t. Jealous.

Jealousy was an emotion for the weak...for a girl who couldn’t keep her man interested in her. Sure, plenty of women fell all over Jeff. He was classically handsome, a jock, and destined to follow in his parent’s footsteps and be a doctor or a high-powered attorney. Genie’s parents were middle-class, not poor, but not rich. She was considered pretty but not the stunner that should have been on Jeff’s arm. But Jeff chose her. She had no reason to be jealous, but she was. Those women who fell all over Jeff? He fell all over them, too. Wherever smoke rose, fire always followed. Always.

“Wait a minute. Ms. Church? What is that?” Her anger suddenly rekindled.

“Oh, just what we used to call you in school.”

Who used to call me?”

“Me and some of the other boys,” he said casually, as if it were a time long past.

He had noticed her! I must have looked cute. Plaid skirts and flowered blouses came to mind. And her hair...always in a braid. I did not look cute. “That’s not very original,” she muttered. But it was news to her, and it stung.

“Well, weren’t you president of the Chastity Club?”

“Chess Club!” Genie flushed hot. “And the Bible Club.”

His triumphant laugh enveloped her. “Close enough.”

Genie resisted the urge to stare at him, knowing if she did she wouldn’t be able to stop glaring and then they would run off the road. Instead, she silently counted to ten. Then she counted to ten again. She heard Rafa chuckle softly. Genie gripped the steering wheel. I can’t believe I even considered him a changed man. I even felt guilty! Her prejudgments were correct.

Giveaway!! :

  • A $10 Amazon Gift Card to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour

To Enter : Please leave a comment on this post, with a valid email address included at the end of it.

Soo .... COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT on this post!! And you could WIN!! =0)

ALSO -- Be sure to follow the tour around the other blog sites! Commenting on the other stops on the tour will also increase your chance of winning!

Find K. Victoria Chase :

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Made the Grade: Wife for Hire by Christine Bell

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 247 KB | Release Date: August 18, 2012 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Indulgence | Obtained: Entangled Publishing

"Wife for Hire" by Christine Bell (aka Chloe Cole)

My Book Summary : After his sister had seven-hundred thousand dollars stolen from her by Nico, her ex-boyfriend, Owen decides to take the matter into his own hands. He found out that Nico has used the stolen money to put together what looks like a legitimate married couple's retreat and completely believes it's another scam, now he only needs to find proof. Owen put an ad on Craigslist saying he was looking for an actress and his last candidate for his "wife for hire" job is Belinda (Lindy).

Lindy isn't too keen on the idea of lying to anyone let alone about herself, but after Owen explains the situation she would love to help out anyway she can. Her only stipulation is that no matter how much she is attracted to Owen (and he to her) that they not take their personal relationship any further then what they need to pretend in public. However, how long will that vow last between them once they are in the middle of their investigation and the temperature between them flies? Will they be able to prove Nico for the scam artist Owen believes him to be or will they find out that the retreat is just too good to be true?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this is a novel about fighting for what you believe in, even when there is nowhere to go with your belief. I loved Owen and Lindy together--they were a dynamic duo that brought out the best in the other. Plus, even with the things that go on at the retreat I really enjoyed the activities that they were thrown into, especially how many times Lindy kept dissing Owen's manhood/stamina. =0)

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes a contemporary romance that has a little mystery in it!!

Book Teaser(s) :
A few days earlier, a man in a sleek black carhad dropped off two suitcases and four garment bags filled with clothes. He’d handed Melba a sumptuous, ivory-colored envelope before backing out of the door with a bow.
“Feel this paper, would ya Lindy? It’s softer than a baby’s bottom. I bet it’s from your dreamy Mr. Phipps,” she’d said with a delighted cackle.
“He’s not my Mr. Phipps. I don’t want you getting ideas in your head. This isn’t a real marriage, Melba. I’m helping him out with a job. That’s all.”
The older woman waved her off. “You keep saying. Still, it’s so romantic. It’s like he’s James Bond or something and you’re Octopussy.”
Lindy had winced. ~ within Chapter 3
The cool blonde gave him an encouraging smile. “Let yourself go. Pretend it’s you and your beautiful wife, alone in a room where no one is watching.”
World’s worst idea, so instead, he did the exact opposite, imagining they were in a room filled with people. Tons of people. Screaming babies. Grumpy old men. His sister. Hell, anything to distract him from the feel of Lindy’s tight little body swaying sinuously against his to the throbbing Latin beat. ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Christine, then please check out her website.

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BBAW 2012 :: Weekly Wrap-up

It's time for my weekly wrap-up of this years Book Blogger Appreciation Week ...

DAY 1 :

[Click here to check out the listing of a few of the blogs that I like!]

DAY 2 :

Well the biggest thing for me was I HAD MY FIRST INTERVIEW!! SuziQoregon from Whimpulsive interviewed me and I in return interviewed her. My fave highlights from the interviews:

From SuziQoregon's Interview with me :
    3. Two favorite genres that you read and review and what do you like about them.
      • Paranormal -- I love this genre because of all of the freedom it has as well as a fun way to think of the world, since I like the idea that there are romantic werewolves and/or shape-shifters out there. As long as they are looking for their one true mate and not trying to kill me then I’m all for it.
    [Click here to read the rest of her interview with me!!]

From My Interview with SuziQoregon :
    Jess : Out of the books you’ve read thus far in 2012, which characters would you most & least like to invite to dinner, from which book and why?
      SuziQoregon : The character I'd most like to invite to dinner from my 2012 books is Armand Gamache from Louise Penny's series that features him. I've had a literary crush on him from the very first book. I could chat with him for hours.

      As for the character I'd least like to invite to dinner, well that would probably be Amy from Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl." I won't say why but if you've read the book, I'm pretty sure you'll understand.
    [Click here to read the rest of my interview with her!!]

DAY 3 :

[Click here to check out my POV on what book blogging means to me.]

Here are a few more fun posts that I enjoyed from others:

DAY 4 :

I love spreading the word about books ... especially ones that I love ... so again Click here to check out this great book!! And like so many others I'm happy that I was able to find more books to add to my ever growing pile of TBR novels. =0)

DAY 5 :

TODAY!! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who became knew followers of mine throughout this week!! It really means a lot! Please comment as much as you'd like since I love getting responses from you guys!!

I hope you all will have a great day and a good weekend!!

Take care, Jess

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BBAW 2012 :: Valor by Taylor Longford | Spreading the Word

As a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week I'm spreading the word about ...

"Valor" [Greystone Series, Book 1] by Taylor Longford

Imprint : Self-Published
Audience : Young Adult
Novel length : 287 KB / 201 pages
Format : eBook
Publication Released Date : June 12, 2011

Author's Book Cover :

My Book Summary :
    MacKenzie has a typical life. She lives in Colorado, mostly by herself, with her mom (who travels a lot for her job), step-person Greg (who she doesn't like but thankfully he travels a lot too), and brother (who's away at college). Nevertheless, she has two wonderful best friends, Mim and Whitney, and a protective dog named Hooligan. Along with a lot of unruly red hair. Yet, one day after she waited at home for one of her step-person's important shipments to arrive at their house her life changed forever. Since the shipment that step-person thought was of an antique statue of a young male actually turns out to be Valor a gargoyle who, along with his two brothers and six cousins, was trapped in his "statue form" for the past 800 yrs until MacKenzie opened his box. Now MacKenzie is thrust into Valor's world and honor bound to keep his and his families secret while helping them out to fit into her world. In addition, Valor and his family are honor bound to protect MacKenzie too. However, Valor and MacKenzie are drawn to each other in a way that is stronger than just pure attraction, but with all of the risks, secrets, and mystery that surround both of them could anything good really happen between them? Will they find out the truth before it's too late?? [Click HERE to read my review of this novel!]

This book is available to order on :

Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, & Smashwords

** Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! **

Find Taylor Longford :

Made the Grade: Once Upon a Ballroom by Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Maya Rodale, & Miranda Neville

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 304 KB | Release Date: July 20, 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Once Upon a Ballroom" by Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Maya Rodale, & Miranda Neville

"The Truth About Love" by Caroline Linden

My Story Summary : Miranda (Lady Roxbury) has been away from her husband, Damien (Lord Roxbury), for about the past two months while he advises the Prince Regent on the grandiose pavilion that the Prince is having built. During that time, they have been consistently passing notes back and forth to stay in contact as much as possible. However, even so they miss each other, Miranda knows they'll be together again soon so she just waits until it's time for Damien to come home. Nevertheless, when a "rumor" begins about Damien taking on a mistress while he's been away will Miranda's faith in her husband be forever ruined or will their love be able to pull through this scandal?

My Story Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! This was a captivating short story. It's about a husband and wife, both deeply in love, dealing with a scandal that could pull them apart. I wished I could have read it from Damien's POV as well as Miranda's POV, but I did love how this story flows! Miranda is a unique character, that even though she is a very strong person emotionally, everyone seems to walk on her and think they know what is best for her because she is so shy that she doesn't stick up for herself much. Plus, Damien's display at the end was very sweet! I wish I could get to know them more!

Author's Story Extras : In Case You Were Wondering...

Story Teaser :
"I don't know," she said at last. "Suggested the Pavilion extend into the water, for indoor sea-bathing?"
Clara started. "No! Of all the---how did you think of such a thing? Did he tell you that?"
Miranda lifted her cup to hide a tiny smile. "No," she murmured, sipping her tea. How lovely; she had finally thought of something worthy of Damien's imagination, at least in Clara's outraged eyes. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Caroline, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Ask Me to Dance" [The Falcon Club Series, Novella 1] by Katharine Ashe

My Story Summary : Felix fell in love with Fiona ever since he read her childhood letters that she sent to her older brother years ago when he was away for the war. However, since then things have changed, not his feelings for her but a secret from their shared past will make it impossible for Felix to tell Fiona about his affections for her. Nevertheless, will Fiona be able stay away from the intense man, Felix, who holds her attention? Or will she take matters into her own hands?

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars. This is a cute story of acquainted love if only they can get on the same page. I thought the way Fiona & Felix finally meet was very unique and sweet! They were great together!

Author's Series Extras : How My Books Are Connected | Saturday Salon – Time Keeping | (Mystical) To Do List | Parlor Games: Regency Word-Libs with Manda Collins | Saturday Salon: My Cherry Tree | TRANSCRIPT: Parrot vs. Raptor

Story Teaser :
"You came over to me."
It was not what she had intended to say. It simply popped out instead of "My friend dances delightfully, does she not?" or "Have you tried the petit fours?" She bit her tongue.
"You beckoned. I came." He did not smile. Not precisely. Not with his mouth. But he did with his eyes, quietly, as though he were unaccustomed to naked expressions of pleasure. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Katharine, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Once Upon a Dream" [The Writing Girls Series, Novella 1] by Maya Rodale

My Story Summary : This seems to be a "dream" summary of Ms. Rodale's "Seducing Mr. Knightly" which will be released on October 30th 2012.

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this is an enticingly sweet short story that gives you a preview of what you should expect in Ms. Rodale's "Seducing Mr. Knightly." I definitely was caught up in Derek & Annabelle's hope, wishes, and dreams...and I think you will too!

Author's Series Extras : About The Writing Girl Romance Series | Who’s Who in the Writing Girl World | Who’s Who at The London Weekly | St. Brides, church of the press

Story Teaser :
Wordlessly, Knightly started to thread his way through the crowds as he. Followed. Her.
Her lips curved into a smile. She shivered in anticipation. She kept walking, every now and then sending another inviting look over her shoulder.
Annabelle, seductress. Who would have ever thought it?
Not Dear Old Spinster Auntie Annabelle. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Maya, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The School of Wooing for Inept Book Collectors" [The Burgundy Club Series, Novella 2] by Miranda Neville

My Story Summary : After the recent passing of her father, Belinda is in need of a husband. However, she only has eyes for James, her long time friend, and whom their parents always hoped would marry. Though it looks like James either only has brotherly feelings for her or doesn't find her attractive, so Belinda plans to change his mind during the masked ball happening soon. Will she get what she wants or will her heart be broken?

My Story Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, going from close friends to lovers is hard especially when insecurities get in the way. I loved James and Belinda's "game of chase" on the dance floor. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised by the way James' proposal happened, since it was quite humorous. They made a sweet pair! =0)

Author's Story Extras : Introducing Once Upon a Ballroom

Author's Series Extras : About the Burgundy Club: How the books connect | Regency Book Collecting | Regency Book Collecting | Historical Notes for The Dangerous Viscount | Historical Background: some notes on Regency "Sex Ed." | Confessions from an Arranged Marriage: Extra Scene | Ladies Make Passes at Viscounts in Glasses | Tarquin's Book has a Title | The Burgundy Club Meets in The Ballroom | A New Cover & A Spot of Matchmaking

Story Teaser :
“I’ve always intended to marry her.”
“For her books?”
“No, for herself. Our shared interest is important, but it’s not everything. She’ll make a fine wife. A sensible girl, at least that’s what I always thought. She wears spectacles.”
“Poor eyesight is no guarantee of common sense. And I strongly recommend you do not tell her she’s sensible when you propose marriage.”
“If I ever do. I thought we had an unspoken understanding, but it occurs to me she may not feel the same. I was trying to pluck up my courage, but then she started talking about bonnets.”
“That’s a good sign. The female of the human species is like the male bird. They sport their finest plumage to attract.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Miranda, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

My Book Review : For the full book I give it 3.75 out of 5 stars! This is a sweetly fun novel with adventurous characters all trying to find happiness with their one true love. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who are already fans of the authors' and/or if you enjoy their series'.

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"Waiting On" Wednesday: Dawn’s Desire

• Today's "Waiting On" Wednesday by Jill - click here

"Dawn’s Desire" [Dark Kings Series, Book 0.3] by Donna Grant
Expected Publication Released Date: September 25, 2012

Author's Book Description:
    For centuries, the immortals knows as the Dragon Kings have hidden their shapeshifting powers from the world. But when a mortal enemy threatens to expose them, the warrior Banan must leave his secret lair in the Highlands, risk his life for the dragons within – and resist the temptations of human love... Jane Holden has never considered herself beautiful. But when the impossibly handsome Banan casts his gaze upon her, smoldering with sensuality, she feels like the sexiest woman on earth. Banan, however, is a man on a mission. He refuses to succumb to this modern woman’s charms – or his own desires. Two of his warrior brethren have already surrendered to forbidden love. But as the danger closes in, Banan realizes that he needs to possess Jane – mind, body, and soul. For she is more than his match. She is his destiny...

BBAW 2012 :: What does book blogging mean to you?

As a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week I have been asked ...

What does book blogging mean to you?

What does book blogging mean to me? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is promotion! It's about spreading the word about the book you’re into or the latest book coming out by either your favorite author and/or an indie author. Over the years I have grown into this belief because as you can tell from most people's book rating on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc that everyone has their own opinion about what makes a good novel and what was good/bad about the novel they most recently read. There is NO WRONG answer. Therefore, the best way I feel to review a novel is by saying what I think about the novel while promoting it as much as I can with whatever I can find for my post. This has made my reviews on the longer side because I want to get everything in, yes that even means if I give the novel 1 out of 5 stars. Just because I might have not liked the novel doesn't mean someone else would. So I do my best to show the good and the bad if I didn't like a novel and the good and the even better when I do like a novel!! =0)

Here are a few examples of what I mean ...

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Teaser Tuesdays: Samson's Lovely Mortal

• Today's Teaser Tuesdays by MizB - click here

"Samson's Lovely Mortal" [Scanguards Vampires Series, Book 1] by Tina Folsom

Book Teaser:
“How was your day?”
“Don’t ask.” She sounded exhausted. He knew just the right remedy for that.
Samson brushed a feather light kiss on her lips. “I missed you.” He had, despite the fact that he’d been up only a few minutes.
“Hmm, that’s better,” Delilah murmured as he sought her lips again. Her hands embraced him and slowly moved from his back farther south. He felt her slip them into his boxers, touching his firm ass. Ah, but her hands were soft.
“You’re not dressed.”
“You noticed that, huh?” He chuckled. “I was just about to take a shower.” But why shower alone when she was back? “Care to join me?”
Should he just lug her over his shoulder, or would he be acting too much like a caveman? Woman. Sex. It was all he could think of. ~ within Chapter 9

BBAW 2012 :: Interview with SuziQoregon from Whimpulsive

Today I'm pleased to share my Interview with SuziQoregon blogger of Whimpulsive as a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

[Click here to check out the interview she gave me!!]

My Q&A with SuziQoregon :

Jess : Can you tell us a bit about yourself & your blog?

SuziQoregon : I live outside of Portland Oregon with The Hubster and two very spoiled cats. No kids - The Hubster says he's the child in our family and he’s right. My blog really didn't start out to be a book blog. Like many of my fellow bloggers of the "class of 2006" I started my blog as an online reading journal. I didn't know that such a thing as a book blog existed until I started getting comments and browsing other bloggers blogrolls. It initially started out as only about the books I read but over the years I have branched out into other things with my photos and my knitting and crochet projects. That's what prompted the name change back in 2009 to Whimpulsive because it just fit better. It's still primarily about books but as my tagline says Whimpulsive describes both my reading and blogging habits.

Jess : What books did you enjoy reading while growing up?

SuziQoregon : The ones with words. I read anything I could get my hands on. I read books, comic books, cereal boxes, the back of my mom's hairspray can if I forgot to take my book to the bathroom with me. You name it, I read it. As a kid my favorite days were the Saturdays I took the bus to the library (this was ages ago when folks didn't think twice about letting kids do such things). I'd spend hours browsing the shelves and taking out as many books as I was allowed. I would scan the shelves and seek out the fat books because otherwise I'd be done too soon. I wanted more pages to make the reading experience last longer. I'd read my favorites over and over again.

Jess : Out of the books you’ve read thus far in 2012, which characters would you most & least like to invite to dinner, from which book and why?

SuziQoregon : The character I'd most like to invite to dinner from my 2012 books is Armand Gamache from Louise Penny's series that features him. I've had a literary crush on him from the very first book. I could chat with him for hours.

As for the character I'd least like to invite to dinner, well that would probably be Amy from Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl." I won't say why but if you've read the book, I'm pretty sure you'll understand.

Jess : You post some great photos, are you a photographer or an enthusiast? What type of camera do you use?

SuziQoregon : Oh I'm totally a wannabe when it comes to photography. I just play and hope for the best. I love digital photography because I can take a gazillion shots and be completely surprised at how interesting some of them are once I get them downloaded. I'm lucky to live in a beautiful area and never get tired of taking photos. I have a Canon Powershot G11 that I just love that is my real camera.

I also use my iPhone for many of my photos. The Photo-A-Day project hosted by FatMumSlim has made me use my phone camera and editing apps more and more. I've been taking daily photos since mid-March for this and I like the way it makes me look for ways to interpret the daily photo prompts. I’ve been promoting this every month on my blog since I started because it’s fun and fun to share with friends.

Jess : Do you have a favorite place you like to read?

SuziQoregon : My favorite place to read is a comfy chair within sight of moving water (river or ocean) with a nice glass of wine or cold beer. That's also my requirements for any and all vacation destinations.

Jess : Do you have a proudest blogging moment? If so, can you tell us about it?

SuziQoregon : I'm not sure I really have a proudest blogging moment. It's been fun for over 6 years now and full of great moments. I'd say the highlights have been comments from authors, and the friends I may have inspired to start their own blogs.

Jess : What are your top 3 favorite genres to read? Any reasons why?

SuziQoregon : Mysteries, Thrillers, and light stuff that makes me smile. I like to jump around in genres just for the ever changing mood and pace but I read far more mysteries than anything else.

Jess : How many books have you reviewed? Do you have a favorite review of yours that you’d like to share a piece of or have me link too?

SuziQoregon : Oh jeez - I've read nearly 500 books since I started my blog and while the first year they were more quick thoughts and nothing close to a review I have at least talked about nearly all of them on the blog. Picking a favorite would be hard but three years later and I'm still trying to get everyone I know to read "Eli the Good" by Silas House.

[Click here to check out her review!!]

Jess : What book out in 2013 are you most looking forward to reading?

SuziQoregon : I'm probably not a good person to answer this question because I honestly have not paid any attention to what books might be out in 2013. I’m kind of gradually drifting away from reviewing new releases because they’re so thoroughly covered in today’s book blogging world. I'd have to say that 'the next book in any of my current series' will have to suffice for an answer to this question.

Jess : If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

SuziQoregon : "Slightly Off Kilter and Seeking Balance"

Jess : List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend?

SuziQoregon : I'm going to go with the three from 2012 that I rated 5 stars:

About the Blogger :

I am (alphabetically) a beersnob, blogger, booklover, duck football fan, evil genius trainee, oregonian, photographer-wannabe, wine-enjoyer, & zucchini-hater.

Find SuziQoregon :
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More specifically Jess partners those websites' programs and you should be aware that they may collect personal information when you interact with their sites. The collection and use of this information is subject to their own privacy policies.
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