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Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Books I'm Thankful For (so far) in 2017

In tradition (well mine at least) of today being Thanksgiving Day (the USA version of it at least), here is a list of ALL the books I've read thus far this year that I've given my highest ratings to (5 out of 5 stars), which means I'm VERY Thankful for finding/reading them! Be forewarned though ... I moved a few months back and that has killed my reviewing schedule SO ONLY FOUR (4) of these books below have complete write-ups and reviews for them. The other novels I will HOPEFULLY have their COMPLETE book reviews posted soon (my goal is to get them in before the New Year .. *hahaa* wish me luck)! But anyways, here you go they are all listed in the order of when I read them this year:
  1. "Bedded Bliss" [Found in Oblivion Series, Book 1] by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott: 5 out of 5 stars!! Two acquaintances meet up unexpectedly in Vegas. After a night of partying and heavy flirtation they wake up to find they’re married yet have no memory of doing so. Both are from different upbringings and completely different worlds, but because of how he was raised Michael doesn’t want to get divorced and plans on assisting Chloe any way he can so their marriage will work. Will all of Michael’s plans fall into place, making it so Chloe, her son, and Michael can actually be a good family together? Or will others try to keep them apart for good?

    This is the first really sweet rockstar romance novel that I’ve read in a while, and I am SOOO HAPPY that I found it! [Read more of Jess' Review and THREE TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  2. "The Governess Was Wanton" [The Governess Series, Book 2] by Julia Kelly: 5 out of 5 stars!!! When Mary starts her latest job as the governess to the Earl of Asten's only daughter, she finds her world tilted of its axis by the Earl (Eric) himself. He's handsome, smart, and kind with a roguish streak the only seems to come out around her. They try to maintain distance between them but the night of the masquerade ball the distance becomes obsolete but only Mary knows the truth. Will Mary & Eric be able to have more than stolen moments together or will their ranks keep them separated forever?

    This novel enamored me from the very beginning!! The illicit situation that brews between Mary & Eric is sweet and all consuming; it had me wanting their story to be never-ending. [Read more of Jess' Review and THREE TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  3. "Shadow of a Girl" by Shannon Greenland: 5 out of 5 stars!!!! Eve (Nesiah) has spent her life as a shadow of her true self in hopes of staving off the emotional and physical abuse she dealt with daily from her "father." Therefore, after confessing to her longtime friend about the abuse she received they device a plan to get Eve to escape. Once Eve ran away, she hides behind a false identity as a roadie and ends up meeting West (a famous lead singer). Over time, West breaks through Eve's defenses and their friendship turns into something more ... but soon Eve's past and the lies she's kept hidden come to light and might breakup the best things she's ever known. Will it all be too late to save her?

    This intense YA rockstar romance had me riveted from the very beginning. I loved the innocent passion Eve shares with West and how empowered Eve becomes throughout this whole novel. [Read more of Jess' Review and TWO TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  4. "Royally Roma" [The Royals Series, Book 1] by Teri Wilson: 5 out of 5 stars!! After feeling beaten down by his own royal responsibilities, Niccolo (Nico/Mano) the heir to the Lazaretto throne decides on escaping his gilded cage by pretending to be someone else when he meets Julia. Julia is an American tour guide living in Rome, who is running from her own notorious past and is in the midst of pulling her life together when she meets Niccolo. Their attraction is instantaneous and is blooming into something more by the minute. Yet when Niccolo’s “quick getaway” turns into something a whole lot more and into a bigger fiasco then he originally planned, will he still be able to go back to his “real” life after all is said and done; or will he be able to change his life for the better with the help of Julia by his side?

    Okay truth time … this novel is said to be a modern retelling of the classic Audrey Hepburn film ‘Roman Holiday,’ and though I have heard of it I have never watched it so I really didn’t know what it was about. Yet I can definitely say I was not disappointed in the least as I was hooked by Chapter 2. [Read more of Jess' Review and TWO TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  5. "Undeniable" [The Always Series, Book 3] by Cherie M. Hudson: 5 out of 5 stars! Yes, Caden loves his cousin like a brother and would do anything he can for his cousin’s family (and has on more than one occasion) but that isn’t the real/only reason he travels whenever he could to San Diego, California during his time off from his university in Australia. The real reason is because of his cousin’s sarcastic, snarky, big hearted sister-in-law Chase (Chastity). He has been in love with her from just about the beginning of their “relationship” now he just has to prove it to her any way he can. But while Chase tries to keep him at bay others conspire against them, will Caden’s actions be enough to win her heart for good or will he fumble up any chance they have of being together?

    I really liked this contemporary new adult romance that is written in a diary style kind of way. It was easy to follow along (as this is the first novel from its Always Series that I’ve read) and I enjoyed how it gave the reader a way of viewing/learning about Caden and Chase’s thoughts on WHY they did the things they did throughout the novel. All in all... [Read more of Jess' Review and TWO TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  6. "Sweet Southern Trouble" [Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 4] by Michele Summers: 5 out of 5 stars!! Under the pretense of getting Nick (Nicholas), the head coach of the North Carolina Cherokees, to allow her access to his team for her school's planned bachelor auction Marabelle (Tinker Bell/Mary-bell/Thumbelina) agrees to his ruse of being Nick's fiancee. However, every time Nick and Marabelle are together, sparks fly and they quickly find there relationship progressing rapidly and into something VERY real. That is if Marabelle can get over her own securities, Nick can get over his past, and if some one from Nick's recent "past" doesn't get in the way....

    Wow!! Out of the three novels I've read in Ms. Summers' Harmony Homecomings Series (Book 2, 3, & 4) THIS one is beyond far my favorite!!! Especially since... [Read more of Jess' Review and TWO TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  7. "Beyond the Stars" by Stacy Wise: 5 out of 5 stars!! Jess’ (Jessica) dream has always been to live in France and speak fluent French. However, that all changes after she has to give up her year abroad because of getting mono. So, if she wants to stay in LA she is stuck helping out her Aunt by becoming a personal assistant for Jack, a popular leading actor. They don’t have a good beginning at all but overtime they let each other into their worlds and overtime they seem to fall for one another. But could it all be too good to be true or are they actually “soul mates”….

    This passionate sweet romance wins over its readers with endearing characters that make you want to either be them OR want them to be your friend! I fell in love with Jack right alongside Jess. Finding out... [Read more of Jess' Review and THREE TEASERS for this novel HERE]

  8. "Marked for Them" [Witches of Rose Lake Series, Book 1] by Lia Davis: 5 out of 5 stars! All of Reese’s life she has been living in seclusion and on the run. She is half-demon after all. Than with her father trying to kill her staying hidden is necessary. But when a ghost finds her and brings her to men who might be able to help protect her, she finds the courage to take it upon herself to make a new future for them all. Now they just have to be sure to defeat their common enemy (her father) before he rips their lives apart even more…

    Can I just say now what I’ve been thinking since I finished this novel … which is, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Why Ms. Davis, did you do this to me?! I am on Ms. Davis’ newsletter list and when she was pimping this novel (Marked For Them) it left me REALLY intrigued. Therefore... [Read more of Jess' Review and a TEASER for this novel HERE]

  9. "Lover Eternal" [Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Book 2] by J. R. Ward: 5 out of 5 stars! Continuing right where “Dark Lover” ended, we now follow Rhage. Watch as Rhage deals with fighting the lessers, protecting the civilians and those he cares for from the Society and himself, all while finding his mate. Yet will he be able to handle the repercussions that come with finding the woman who was meant for him?

    Like before … I LOVE this novel. Yet, in truth, it’s in a whole new way. I say that because... [Jess' COMPLETE Book Review will be COMING SOON please STAY TUNED!]

  10. "Blocked" [Blocked Series, Book 1] by Jennifer Lane: 5 out of 5 stars!! Dane & Lucia (Luz) are in a unique situation. Dane’s mother and Lucia’s father are BOTH Presidential Candidates to become the next President of the United States. And because of a scandal at Lucia’s original college they are now attending the same college on volleyball scholarships. This forced proximity has Pros and Cons, which they end up dealing with along the way, but once Lucia’s true feelings come out for Dane both of their worlds change. But will it be a better change for everyone? That still remains to be seen …

    OMG!!! This novel held me RIVETED from the very beginning. I could not get enough of Lucia and Dane’s passion throughout this novel. They were... [Jess' COMPLETE Book Review will be COMING SOON please STAY TUNED!]

  11. "A New Leash on Love" [Rescue Me Series, Book 1] by Debbie Burns: 5 out of 5 stars!! A man (Craig) who is still coming to terms with the devastating loss that happened in his life years ago takes his daughter’s puppy to a local animal shelter at the wishes of said daughter and his ex-wife. From that moment on his life becomes unexpectedly intertwined with Megan, the Director of the animal shelter. Yet, especially with them both being so different, are they ready to try making something of their budding relationship or will fate take the choice out of their hands?

    Enchanting from the start with Craig and Megan’s sparking chemistry and intense banter. Though I think what might have really hooked me was Sledge within the first chapter, I love him! All together... [Jess' COMPLETE Book Review will be COMING SOON please STAY TUNED!]

  12. "P.S. I Like You" by Kasie West: 5 out of 5 stars!! Oh my goodness, you guys!! This novel!!! I don’t know where to begin with this review. *happy sigh* So here we go ...

    Lily is a shy girl who covers that with false confidence. Yet because of how she portrays herself to everyone else, it means she only has one friend. Her best friend Isabel. But even though she has a “hipster” eclectic sole and style, her goal in life is to be a song writer. And she is still on the brink of being great, IF she can get a “muse” to work for her. So, one day she was “working” on her lyrics during Chemistry class and using the desk as her paper. The following day she finds a response on her desk that someone else wrote. And so begins her exchanges with her secret pen pal. Who could it be? As time goes by she decides to find out who her pen pal actually is but will she be happy once she finally knows ...

    I had originally heard about this book from Julie @ Pages and Pens and I am so glad I did! I agree when Julie said... [Jess' COMPLETE Book Review will be COMING SOON please STAY TUNED!]

  13. "A Hummingbird Christmas" [Glacier Creek Series, Book 1] by Karen Foley: 5 out of 5 stars!! Joy's Christmas wish is to give her five-year-old daughter the best holiday ever. So, in hopes of a winter wonderland Christmas they head to her in-laws house in Montana where they find that everyone seems to be needing a bit of holiday magic....

    In truth, I was on the fence about this novel at its beginning, but I am sooo happy that I stuck with it! It is a heartwarming tale about overcoming the loss of a loved one and finally moving on. It was especially nice that... [Jess' COMPLETE Book Review will be COMING SOON please STAY TUNED!]

I hope you'll find a novel or more that you'd like to read as much as I did!! As usual it's an eclectic mix of Erotic, Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, and Young Adult ROMANCES! =0)

Anyway ....

As always I wish you a FUN, DELICIOUS, and ENJOYABLE Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day and some exciting days ahead! Again please STAY TUNED for my upcoming reviews (including the ones above I've listed that the reviews aren't posted yet I have about FIFTY-ish book reviews coming)!! Thank you for visiting and if you follow any of my social accounts THANK YOU for doing that too! If you have time please share this book list around. =0)

Best regards, Jess


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