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Friday, November 20, 2009

Firefighter vs Doctor

Out of all of her novels, "Just One of the Guys" by Kristan Higgins is by far one of her best!! This great romantic comedy, just made it so I couldn't put it down. Especially with lines like, "I'm being killed by my appetizer.", you just can't go wrong. I think most women at one time or another feel like 'just one of the guys', which is a good thing but not when your in love with one of those guy friends.

Which is what happens to Chastity. After moving back to her hometown, the books opens with her getting dumped and not in the most pleasant way either (even though it's never really pleasant). Getting back into the swing of things again, hanging out with her 4 older brothers with their co-worker buddies and such has it's benefits. However, she really would like to find her special someone. In doing so she can't help but still have her crush on one of her best guy friends, named Trevor, whom she has known since she was 10 yrs old and has practically been raised as another brother around her. Then there's a new handsome doctor in town that has caught her eye. And what would she do just to not be seen as just one of the guys ....

This book is one of my faves for Kristan Higgins, my other fave of hers is "Too Good To Be True". To find out more about this book or others of hers, then check out her website.

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