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Monday, July 26, 2010

Feasted On: Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot

Format: Paperback | Pages: 241 | Release Date: December 2004 | Publisher: Avon Books

"Victoria and the Rogue" by Meg Cabot

My Book Summary : Victoria has grown up with her three bachalor uncles in India ever since her parents died when she was very little. But now since she is sixteen they have shipped her off to live with her other aunt & uncle in England, and to find herself a husband. And even though her uncles made a wagor as to how long it would take her to get a man to propose to her, she proves them all wrong by accepting a proposal while on the ship taking her to England!

Hugo is handsome and says the sweetest things to her ... and it doesn't hurt that he is a work-in-progress and needs her helping hand (and money) every once in a while (or more). But as she soon realizes that all might now be as it seems when it comes to her husband-to-be or his family. Especially since for a family who is on the decline (money wise), they surely do spend enough of it. Plus, it doesn't help that Captain Jacob Carstairs keeps telling her that Hugo is a rogue!!! Which just can't be! The Captain doesn't help any by always seeming to be around the corner or annoying Victoria by doing all sorts of things (especially when he calls her Miss Bee -- for being such a busy body). *sigh* What is a girl to do?

And then ..... maybe is this one situation where Victoria has it all wrong?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! CUTE & FUNNY to the extreme! Victoria and the Captain are so cute with their arguments. And I love how this is written like a first person passage but it goes into details that make it feel like the childhood stories I grew up with (but it's definitely a young adult book).

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Book Teaser(s) :
Becky cast her cousin a disparaging look over one slim shoulder. She had been, ever since learning of her mother's acceptance of Captain Carstair's invitation to dine, coolly indifferent about the situation. But that, Victoria was quite certain, was all an act.
Or so Victoria had thought, until her cousin's next words hit her like a slap in the face.
"If you ask me, Vicky," Rebecca said in a very sour voice, "you're the one who seems to have a problem dining at Captain Carstairs's table this evening. For I certainly don't care. My affections belong entirely to another now." ~ within Chapter 8
For more information on this book, and/or any other books by Meg, then please check out her website.

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