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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feasted On: Legacy Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 852 KB | Release Date: October 2009 | Publisher: Samhain Publishing

"Alexandra's Legacy" [Legacy Series, Book 1] by N. J. Walters

My Book Summary : Alexandra (Alex) thought that today would be just an ordinary day for her, until a man named Joshua rushes into her father's garage saying he's come to take her to a place called Wolf Creek, and she finds that there are some things about her heritage that her father has been keeping quite about. Now Alex's father explains to her that he is actually a werewolf, making her a half-breed and what she's been feeling lately is her going into "heat" soon. Then to top it off because of her going into heat all of the single male wolves within a 100 radius (or more) start tracking her fighting for the right to be her mate, and then there are some people/wolves who are coming after her just because she's a half-breed and don't think she should exist.

Of course after this was all explained to her, they (her father, Joshua, and her) get ambushed in her dad's home by those very people/wolves that are either out to kidnap or kill her. So, they split up in hopes of out running the killers, her father going one way while Joshua and her are going another but both planning on heading to the Wolf Creek pack in North Carolina. While on the run Joshua and Alex have a growing attraction between them, but Joshua plans on trying to keep that attraction at bay until he reaches his pack so he'll be able to publicly claim her as his mate.

Will all three of them make it safely to Wolf Creek before their enemies get them? Will Alex be accepted into the Wolf Creek pack warmly and will she want to embrace her wolf?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! I saw this book recommended to me on for a while, and I'm soo happy that I finally decided to read it!! It was an entertaining & sweet book! I loved the relationships between Alex & her father, as well as the growing relationship between Alex & Joshua! Plus, I really liked the since of community that James (Alex's dad) found he had when everything/everyone started coming at them ... it was truly heartwarming. Then add in a little heat between Alex & Joshua to read about and you got one happy reader on your hands. =0)

Book Teaser(s) :
Joshua grinned even as he growled into the receiver. "Your day couldn't have been as bad as mine so shut up and listen."
The man on the other end snorted. "I saw just how hard your day was, little brother. I saw you talking with the woman in an alleyway this morning. If you're smart, you'll claim that woman you've been running all over town with. Fuck her so long and hard, she'll never want any other wolf but you." He paused. "It's what I'd do if I were in your position."
"You're not in my position." The thought of his brother fucking Alex brought a red haze to his eyes. "It wouldn't be fair to Alex."
"And you're all about honor, are you not, my brother?" ~ within Chapter 9
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by N. J., then please check out her website.

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