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Sunday, January 17, 2010

So let's find a way to bring back the days when our hearts were forever young

Everyone is searching for their own happily-ever-after whether they believe so or not .... "Casting Spells" by Barbara Bretton ... characters are just doing the same. However, Chloe is a half-human half-sorcerer who hasn't fallen into her powers at all ... but has a town who is in need of her guidance. As the town has been protected for over 300 years from outsiders prying eyes is finally falling into their own cracks and everyone is hoping she will make it all better. But when an outsider dies in their town .... a cop moves in to find out if it was an accident or a murder??? Will Chloe be able to get him out town without anything being noticeable?? Or will he find out more then he's supposed to?

4 out of 5 stars. The story was written in a diary kinda form from both Luke and Chloe's sides. It kept me rapt in what was going on and I couldn't put it down!

For more information on this book or other books by Barbara then please check out her website.

** Title is from the song We Were In Love by Toby Keith **

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