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Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Nerd herd, focus. You're here to help the fledglings. Dour One and Dour Two aren't important," said Aphrodite.
"Dr. Seuss reference. I like it," Stark said, giving me a check-me-out-I've-always-read-books hottie grin.
Aphrodite frowned at him. "I said focus, not flirt."

Okay ... I'm going to try and be nice ... trying not to give away any spoilers but if I do ... I apologize ahead of time. *long sigh* And I'll start by saying: **SPOILER ALERT** Just in case! =0)

I just now finished reading "Tempted" by PC Cast & Kristen Cast .... and again I say OH MY GODDESS!! It was soooooooooooooo goood!! I cried at the end! So I recommend that if you read it ... bring tissues!

It's the 6th book in the House of Night (HoN) series, and it is already my fave one thus far, I give it 5 out of 5 stars!! As always there are love triangles galore in the book! *big grin* I have to laugh, that Stevie Rae is starting her own love triangles too. =0) I think I'm going to enjoy the relationship between her and her new guy (the one she imprints with!!). I think Aphrodite & Darius' relationship is very sweet! And I'm extra happy that Zoey finally smarten ups about Erik ... he was turning into such a jerk. =0P

Which leads me to my two fave men in the series Heath and Stark ... and I absolutely LOVE how they act ... what they do ... and just what good guys they are in this book ... it just made me love them more. =0)

However, I will say that this is the first book out of the series that made me bawl like a baby at the end. I mean yes I cried when Stevie Rae died ... but this was different. =0( And it was the first one that definitely ends with a cliffhanger, compared with the others. Since I mean you are always curious as to what will happen next ... but this one just stopped in the middle of a big plot twist.

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL "BURNED" (the next book in the HoN series) COMES OUT IN MAY 2010!!! YAY!!

Also ... I'll say that I really liked how this book we were able to get glimpses into the heads of some of the other characters. Since in the previous books you just got it all from Zoey's point of view .. which is fine since she's an awesome character .. yet it's fun to see things from another prospective too.

To sum it all up if you haven't read the House of Night series then I DEFINITELY recommend you starting! To find out more about the HoN or just about Tempted, then go to:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This on is Something ... Maybe ...

Pretty much the title says it all .. kinda ... "Something, Maybe" by Elizabeth Scott, is a really good book! I finished it yesterday. And give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!! It is a highly predictable book ... and yet ... I couldn't get enough of it. Especially since there probably won't be any sequels to it. =0( Oh wells. But I definitely recommend it to every girl!

The main character Hannah and her best friend were so funny. And of course I love me some love triangles thrown into the mix! *hehee*

To find out more about this book or her others check out Elizabeth Scott's website.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tis life in the slow lane ...

Well this past Friday I found out that my position is moving from Full-Time to Part-Time. Which I am still upset about and sometimes I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack with all the stress that I feel in my chest. So, I've been going to the library lately (since I need to conserve my money till I get either a better job or some part-time jobs) to keep my mind off the negative things. In the past few days I've already finished reading "Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen, "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by Deb Caletti, and "How to Be Popular" by Meg Cabot. All of those books were cute ... but nothing great to report about them. I am getting "Tempted" (from the House of Night series) by PC and Kristen Cast tomorrow since I pre-ordered it (YAY!!!) ... but other then that I need to start picking them up from the library. Any other books you might be able to recommend for me??

But anyways ... I'm now job hunting ... for anything that will make up for the money I'm loosing out on. *shakes head* Hopefully things will work out for the better! =0)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This book report is all Hush, Hush...

Well, yesterday I finished reading Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. It's the first novel in her first and latest series about immortal beings and fallen angels. I really liked the main characters Patch and Nora. Patch is of course a bad boy with a good heart [even though he doesn't want to admit to it] and Nora is a good girl who tries to do the right thing always.

I loved that the setting was in Maine since ... HELLO I'm from Maine!! ... I love when I can get another view on that area I never would have thought of. *sigh ... memories*

The only problem I had with the novel was Nora's best friend Vee ... she was just way to goddamn pushy. I just wanted to smack her ... especially 20% of Nora's problems were from Vee making up things ... she just needed to shut up sometimes. It was very annoying. =0/ But I digress.

Basically for me the book had too many twists and turns for me to either keep up with it or like it during the first to the middle half of the book .... but from the middle to the end it finally got better ... so all in all I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Definitely I plan on reading the sequel to this book called Crescendo .. when it comes out since like I said I did love the books ending [and no not just because it ended ... it was really good!! =0) ]!! Put it this way because I loved the main characters that kept me reading the book. ♥

To find out more from Becca Fitzpatrick check out her website.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Report - The Van Alen Legacy [Blue Bloods]

Okay .... yesterday I finished the latest book in the Blue Bloods series called the Van Alen Legacy!! This one develops more of the plot (Duh .. of course .. *hehee*) mostly around Bliss's "Visitor" / Jack & Schuyler's romance / Mimi's responsibilities ... etc. Of course with plot twists galore!! I really don't know how to explain it any more without giving more of this book away ... but I will say that if you haven't picked up this series yet then I would start!

However, I will say this ... I think this is the best book out of the whole series thus far!! =0)

It is another type of Vampire flick ... with a mythical twist ... find out more from the author Melissa de la Cruz's website or from

Also ..... check out these two awesome videos about this book:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Report - the Jessica Darling Series

Okay ... I just finished read the Jessica Darling series, written by Megan McCafferty, which includes 5 books (Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, & Perfect Fifths). I started reading the first book sometime last week and then finished reading the last book this morning (with a few days waiting period for the final books to arrive somewhere in between). And all I can say it I LOVED IT/THEM!!!!!!!

Sloppy Firsts - starts out when Jessica is sixteen and has never really had a boyfriend. She's smart and "snarky" ... what's not to love. *hahaa* And in this book she starts seeing Marcus Flutie, who is the all around bad boy! Then it goes from the end of her sophomore year into summer time then into her junior year of high school ... and Marcus is back more so then ever.

Throughout the whole series it shows you Jessica's tale of her romance with Marcus ... through the good times and bad. I also love it because these characters are written as being the same age as me, so I can definitely relate to the pop culture references and what she goes through. Not that my life is exactly like hers but I definitely understand how she feels in the situations she gets thrown in.

Then in Perfect Fifths - you finally get to hear both sides of the romance as the tale goes back and forth between the characters. ♥ I really can't say anymore without giving it all away so I'll just say again ... I LOVED IT!!!!

To find out more info on this series go to Megan McCafferty's website. =0)

Here's an awesome video overview about the series ... check it out:

Perfect Fifths Trailer from Jennifer Rose on Vimeo.
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