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Monday, June 14, 2010

Feasted On: Honey Moon by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Format: Paperback | Pages: 440 | Release Date: June 1993 | Publisher: Pocket Books

"Honey Moon" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

My Book Summary : This is about Honey, the two man that loved her and how she loved them back...
  • Honey :
    • At six years old her mother kills herself leaving Honey to live with her aunt Sophie, her uncle Earl, and her cousin Chantal, a family who doesn't respect her and uses her to no end. The only good thing that came out of it was that it made her tough, since she was always looking little and years younger then her actual age, she learned to always take things on with your fists swinging and you usually will be able to make whatever you want happen.

      That characteristic of hers helps since after her uncle passes away, at 15 or 16-years-old, she is left in charge of the amusement park that her family owns and lives at. However, when you still look young for your age, it's hard to have anyone take her seriously. Therefore, when times get tough on her family and the state shuts down the amusement park, Honey signs up her cousin for a beauty pageant where the grand prize is an audition in LA for a new show that is planning to air soon. As luck would have it, Chantal wins but shortly the grand prize changes and Honey does everything she can to not see there future go up in smoke, so she finds an old truck and drives her cousin across the country so she can audition.

      Once they get there the audition people find Chantal very pretty but not right for the part, but Honey captures the eye of the main star Dash Coogan who does everything in his power to have her play his daughter for the TV show. And over night, her life completely changes ...
  • Dash Coogan :
    • He is in his early 40's and a big-time Hollywood star (or should I say cowboy) with money troubles in the form of the IRS. So, to pay it off he agrees to make and be apart of The Dash Coogan Show even though it's against his better judgment. During the auditions he tells the producer to change the script so that Honey can play his daughter since she fits in a lot better then any of the other girls they were looking at.

      Once the filming starts, however he goes from being nice to Honey to completely trying to avoid her. He has problems with having people get to close, which is why he admits that he has 3 ex-wives and children that he has never raised. However, Honey just wants a family and looking for one in all of the wrong places, like trying to get him to be her role model or her substitute father.

      Therefore, when Honey starts getting out-of-hand on set a co-worker of theirs gets him to step-in and take control of the situation. Once he does, his life will never be the same...
  • Eric Dillon :
    • He's the bad boy co-star on the The Dash Coogan Show, and the crush of Honey's right off the bat. But Eric has a past that always seems to stop him from not being able to live his life, especially when he believes that anyone he considers an innocent will ultimately get hurt if he has anything to do with him. This goes on throughout his life, making him walk away from anything good or not really seeing the things/people who care about him. Honey just happens to be one of those innocents he was always talking about. When he meets her, he can tell by the look in her eyes that she has a crush on him, so he does everything in his power to be mean to her so she'll stay away from him.

      As the years past, Honey and Eric's lives go in completely different directions but when they both seem to have hit rock bottom they manage to help pull each other through...
My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! At first I wasn't sure what to make of this book but it really drew me in and I could get enough. I loved the relationship between Dash & Honey, just thinking about it makes me cry. Eric & Honey made a good couple too after all of the struggles they went through. It's a story about love, hope, friendship, and family. In addition, it's about what someone who had never grown up with almost any of that would do to keep the family she has together at all costs, and find out what real love is all about. Warning though at certain parts of the book I cried like a baby so you might too.

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Book Teaser(s) :
He spoke softly, still not looking at her. "You really mean it, don't you?"
"I really mean it."
He gazed at her, and even though he cleared his throat, his voice was husky with emotion. "You're the damnedest, most aggravating female I've ever met."
At first she thought it was a trick of the firelight, but then she knew it was no trick at all. Dash Coogan has tears in his eyes. ~ within Chapter 18
When I think of this book which song do I think goes with it? : Looking For Love by Johnny Lee

For more information on this book and/or any other books by Susan, then please check out her website.

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